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Case Study

How to Heal the Angry Brain

Mad Men

Men with anger problems are generally highly reluctant clients who come to our offices only because they’ve gotten “the ultimatum” from their wives, girlfriends, or bosses. Fortunately, understanding the angry brain can help build their motivation for change.

Treating the Dissociative Child

The road back from the ultimate loss of self

Few cases offer as eerie a therapeutic challenge as a suddenly non-communicative child, lost in a dissociative shutdown.

Evoking the Inner Artist

How to Replace Pathology with Creativity

When clients feel blocked, therapists can help them tap their inner artist and view feelings of vulnerability, doubt, and fear as part of a creative, problem-solving process.

Life After Betrayal

Getting past the victim identity

When working with clients who’ve experienced an intimate betrayal, it’s important to empower them to move beyond a victim identity.

Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming to Help a Panicked Client

From Certainty to Uncertainty

Often clients come to therapy to resolve ambivalence or because they can’t make up their minds. But sometimes, the problem is that they’re too certain about things they should be uncertain about.

Beyond Clinical Correctness

Unearthing the logic of the client’s solution

An understanding of the unconventional ways people demonstrate resilience is important in helping us avoid pathologizing clients and stop believing there’s only one clinically “correct” way to help them.

The Five “A’s” of Transformation

The Enneagram as a Clinical Tool 

The Enneagram and the 5 A’s of transformation.

In Search of a Lost Self 

Reclaiming Our Missing Experiences

A primer on the specifics of incorporating mindfulness into therapeutic practice.

From Conflict to Alliance

A road map for family interventions

There’s no substitute for a clear clinical model that can guide you through the therapeutic change process.

Women Who Cheat

Understanding the message of the affair

Far from being evidence of marital bankruptcy, a woman’s affair can be a way of expressing a desire for a different self and an opportunity to breathe life into a suffocating relationship.

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