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Family Matters - Page 3

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Standing together at the cliff’s edge, Dan and I finally took in the wonders of this wild slice of seacoast: hillsides of purple veronica, rock formations that pitched forward like frozen waves, the muted, silvery cast of the sea. As we stood arm in arm, watching the sun sink into the Mediterranean, I felt a tug of gratitude mixed with something like awe at the strange magic of shedding expectations, of allowing a new land simply to unfold and reveal its messy, wondrous surprises.

Mirna and Tino, thanks, you two. Wherever you are, I hope you’re still crazy in love.

Marian Sandmaier is a Networker features editor and freelance book editor specializing in psychology and behavior. Contact: or

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  • Comment Link Monday, 22 July 2013 15:50 posted by Phil sandmaier

    I felt as if I was along on the trip! Very well done!!