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Psychotherapy vs. Placebos • Frontline Psychotherapy

PNND13-6A Group of Tibetan Refugees Find their Inner Guides

By James Gordon

How do you help 200 teenagers who’ve had to flee their country find a path to peace in a new place? A psychiatrist who’s traveled across the world to help traumatized refugees from Tibet guides them to a source of wisdom and hope within themselves.

PNND13-5How to Succeed at Self-Sabotage

By Cloe Madanes

Making yourself profoundly unhappy takes tenacity and creativity. But the real art of it is to behave in ways that allow you to claim yourself to be an innocent victim, ideally of the very people from whom you’re forcibly extracting compassion and pity.

PNND13-4Breaking Free of the Habitual

By Ann Weiser Cornell

Most clients have automatic habits of thinking, feeling, and verbalizing experiences that imprison them in a world of gray sameness. How do we help them escape? The most immediate way is to ditch your logical analysis and help them experience a felt sense.

PNND13-3Do We Really Choose How We Live Our Lives?

By Fred Wistow

When routines and habits become as lifeless as the manner in which one brushes one’s teeth, when the choreography of one’s existence resembles a blindfolded slog through quicksand—rather than the Jets and Sharks leaping across the streets of the Upper West Side—something must be done.

PNND13-2What’s the Difference?

By Margaret Wehrenberg

Some people can drink to excess for years without experiencing the negative consequences that can destroy their lives. So when does someone cross the tenuous line from habit into addiction? And what’s the difference between the two anyway?

PNND13-1The Nitty-Gritty of Lasting Change

By Steven Stosny

Changes in the habitual attitudes and behaviors that shape our lives rarely happen as the result of psychological epiphanies or emotional catharsis. Most therapeutic progress comes from the painstaking process of continual practice that reinforces some behaviors while actively discouraging others.

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