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2012 May/June
Emotion in the Consulting Room: what should we do when clients cry, or scream at each other

Our Emotions: Unruly, Unnerving, Invaluable

MJ2012-1How to Harness this Great Motivator

By Susan Johnson

Neuroscientists recently established emotion is the prime force shaping how we cope with life’s challenges. Psychotherapists are beginning to learn how to work with emotion...

MJ2012-2Connecting with the Shut-down Client

By Kathryn Rheem

Resonating with clients’ inner experience is key to working effectively with emotion in therapy. With traumatized & shutdown clients, however,  it is easy to talk about, but extremely hard to do.

MJ2012-3A Clinician’s Guide

By Jay Efran and Mitchell Greene

Knowing how our nervous systems work can help guide what we do—and don’t do—when clients burst into tears.

MJ2012-4In Praise of Therapy’s Best Kept Secret

By Jeffrey Von Glahn

Too many therapists today confuse the healing release of tears with the helpless despair triggered by reliving traumatizing memories in therapy.

MJ2012-5Embracing the New Wisdom

A 4-Day Immersion in Full-Engagement Living

150 presenters, not only helped the Networker Symposium celebrate its 35th anniversary, but illuminated a new vision of integrative mental healthcare.

The Latest Advances in Marketing Your Practice

The SoLoMo Revolution

The SoLoMo revolution is transforming the way therapists can generate client referrals on the Internet.

Using Men’s Groups to Enhance Couples Therapy

Men Helping Men

For men who still consider entering couples therapy a stroll into a lion’s den of shame, humiliation and failure, a men’s groups can be both a crucial source of support and a kick in the pants.

Mary Pipher on Activism

Applying our Healing Skills in the Wider World

Bestselling author and retired psychotherapist Mary Pipher makes a case for therapists’ having the know-how to become effective social activists---and for why saving the environment isn’t such a lost cause.

Daniel Kahneman Expands Our Vision

System One Meets System Two

Thinking, Fast And Slow

Daniel Kahneman, the founder of behavioral economics, has written a comprehensive dissection of the reasoning mind that should be on every therapist’s required reading list. 

Not Yet a Teen, But Not a Child

Understanding the “Tween” Years, Mastering the art of ‘gruntology’

The father of an 11-year-old struggles to master the language of gruntology.

May/June 2012 Emotion in the Consulting Room
How therapists really feel about feelings

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