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University of Tennessee Knoxville 10-30


PNSO-4Beware of What You Wish For

By Todd Kashdan & Robert Biswas-Diener

Although happiness is widely beneficial, organizing one’s life around it can lead to a great deal of effort and time being spent unwisely. Trying too hard to be happy interferes with the pleasure, engagement, and meaning we could otherwise find in the world.

PNSO-3Connecting with Traumatized Kids Who Push Your Buttons

By Martha Straus

Most parents “loan” children their adult regulatory system beginning at birth. But developmentally traumatized teens have missed out on this opportunity when they were little. Thus, a major goal of therapy is to backfill this absolutely essential experience, which is often not an easy job.

PNSO-2The Perils of Overprotective Parenting

By Michael Ungar

We've become so focused on keeping children safe that we exaggerate the dangers they face despite the fact that they’ve never been safer. Still, no amount of statistical reports can get parents to stop hovering over their child. What’s a therapist to do?

PNSO-1Are Therapists Seeing a New Kind of Attachment?

By Ron Taffel

We used to think that disordered attachment was the result of early parental neglect or abuse. But today, has a paradoxical mix of parental overinvolvement and inattention led to a social epidemic of pseudo-attachment?

Growing Up In an Age of Distraction

Is There a Crisis of Pseudo-Connection in Today’s Families?

webcasts-mindbodyBest Practices for Effective Integration

Are you ready to fine-tune the use of mind-body techniques in your practice? You can. Learn how to integrate new methods in your current clinical approach for deeper healing and enhanced clinical effectiveness. Gain insight into what works best for different issues with practical “how-to” guidance on customizing treatment from the field’s mind-body experts.
With Rubin Naiman, Amy Weintraub, Elisha Goldstein, Joan Klagsbrun, James Gordon, Richard Brown, and Patricia Gerbar.

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Workshop Finder: An international calendar of psychotherapy training events

workshopfinder180Launch Date September 25: Our interactive Workshop Finder allows you to locate professional training events and workshops in your area. Discover the latest workshop events in the field by using our easy to navigate category, date, location, and event sponsor filters. Effortlessly, add and keep track of live events in your community and conveniently forward and post events using email, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Stay informed about the latest CE events, workshops, book launches, and more. For more information:

webcasts-trauma3Increase Your Effectiveness with the Latest Advances

Nothing has done more to spark therapeutic insight, generate ground-breaking treatments, and transform the way we practice therapy than the challenges of working with traumatized clients. In recent years, we've learned exactly how trauma lives in the body and affects the brain and we've defined innovative approaches that really work. Find out how to start using them in your own clinical work.
With Bessel van der Kolk, Peter Levine, Janina Fisher, Lisa Ferentz, Dick Schwartz, and Mary Jo Barrett.

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