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A virtual conference for today’s therapists

Nowhere else will you find so many of the field’s thought leaders exploring the ideas, methods, and issues that matter to you in your everyday practice. Listen in on in-depth conversations that highlight the most important advances in our field. Out of all the CE events the Networker has produced in the past year, we’ve chosen the most cutting-edge material—the Best of the Best. All you have to do is dive in.

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More More Time

Discovering the Endless Present

A new retiree discovers the elusive secret of the endless present.

The Pathologizing of Everyday Life

When Did Sadness Become a Disease?

One Nation Under Stress • How Everyone Became Depressed

The increasingly blurry distinction between normal and abnormal not only makes us easy targets for Big Pharma’s advertising, but also distracts us from the larger social and economic forces that shape our lives.

Wearing Your Heart on Your Face

The Polyvagal Circuit in the Consulting Room

Psychophysiologist Stephen Porges’s research on the polyvagal nervous system provides insight into the evolutionary roots of trauma and anxiety, and how therapists can effectively convey safety to clients.

Evoking the Inner Artist

How to Replace Pathology with Creativity

When clients feel blocked, therapists can help them tap their inner artist and view feelings of vulnerability, doubt, and fear as part of a creative, problem-solving process.

Talking on the Edge

Assessing the Risk of Suicide

Most clinicians already know the basic questions to ask about a client’s suicidality, but it’s important to go beyond a rote assessment to get a fuller picture of suicide risk.

How to Help Learning Stick for Clients • What Can Neuroscience Tell Us About Psychotherapy?

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