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PNND15-2Some Uncomfortable Reflections on Growing Up White

By Fred Wistow

At a time when many are calling for a renewed national conversation about race, an aging, liberal, white New Yorker—who admits he’s never been a party to any such conversation, not with a black person anyway—shares some highly uncomfortable, extremely personal reflections.

PNND15-1Listening to the Untold Stories

By Kenneth Hardy

Many poor, young, black people see themselves as trapped behind a wall-less prison with no exits. They know all too well that their daily experience—whether it’s going to lousy schools, succumbing to drug use and abuse, or being the victims of crime and lack of employment prospects—doesn’t matter unless it disrupts the lives of the white mainstream.

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Self-Indulgence or Self-Healing?


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Self-Indulgence or Self-Healing?

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A Palm under the Moon: A grandpa’s love story

By David Seaburn

Life after Trauma: What are the possibilities for post-traumatic growth?

Review of Upside: The New Science of Post-Traumatic Growth

The new emphasis on the transformative power of trauma can be a template for false assumptions about the “gift” of suffering and the meaning of recovery.

Smart Growth: Developing a mindset for life

It’s Not about the Diet: Building a healthy relationship with food

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