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webcast-anxietyMaster New Approaches That Really Work

Anxiety is the most commonly reported problem in psychotherapy. Whether it's panic, compulsive worry, or one of a dozen other forms of anxiety, there are successful interventions for each one. Join us to learn how to assess what's best and use the proven techniques and approaches that are most effective.

With David Burns, Margaret Wehrenberg, Danie Beaulieu, Steve Andreas, Lynn Lyons, Reid Wilson.

Session 6, Beyond DSM-5:
The Future of Treating Mental Disorders
with David Mays, M.D., Ph.D.

With David Mays you'll be able to identify the new developments in genetics and epigenetics and describe the implications of functional neuroanatomy in mental health. You'll also be able to explain the best practices in suicide risk assessment.

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Do You Have What You Need To Take On Really Challenging Clients?
You know you’re up against a tough customer when you regularly leave sessions feeling like a troubled client yourself—insecure, incompetent, frustrated, even angry. This highly practical webcast series zeroes in on concrete strategies that are proven to work with clients who can push our buttons and leave us feeling ineffective.

A few of the things you’ll learn in this nuts-and-bolts course:

  • How to successfully move past impasses with borderline, narcissistic, attachment-disordered, and self-destructive clients
  • Solid strategies for gaining and retaining therapeutic leverage, using empathic confrontation, and repairing ruptures in the clinical relationship
  • How to identify and avoid common errors such as sounding like a disappointed parent, relieving the client’s pain too soon, and letting our own vulnerabilities get in the way
  • A concrete approach to customizing treatment to the characteristics and needs of your client
May/June 2013 Tough Customers
Is it Them or Us?

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MQ Jul/Aug 2013

PNJA13CoverSearching for the Therapeutic "Aha"

Brain Science and Clinical Breakthroughs 

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Many of you have asked us to relaunch popular streaming-video webcast courses. Others have asked for more downloadable MP3 audio courses. We'd like to keep everyone happy this spring, so we're releasing MP3 audio-only versions of these popular series—Treating Anxiety, Tough Customers, and Six Faces of Wisdom. Each course comes with downloadable MP3s and course handouts for every session. You can add CEs for each course any time. Buy now and start listening today!

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Session 6, Breathing Techniques in Psychotherapy
with Richard Brown, M.D. and Patricia Gerbarg, M.D.

With Richard Brown and Patricia Gerbarg you'll learn how to integrate breath work with traditional psychotherapy, and explain how breathing techniques can address anger, control, and aggression issues. You'll also be able to describe coherent and foundational breathing techniques.

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March/April 2013 Clinical Wisdom
Who Needs It?

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Anxiety is the most common problem that clients bring into psychotherapy. Learn what neuroscience has taught us about what maintains anxiety, as well as the latest advances in powerful approaches that can offer relief from a wide range of anxiety symptoms, often immediately. Whether the presenting issue is dissipating panic, overcoming compulsive worry, tolerating chronic uncertainty, or enhancing motivation for change, this webcast will provide you with concrete tools you can use in your practice.

MQ May/Jun 2013


Tough Customers

Is it Them or Us?

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