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In Consultation

Love and Money

Couples Finances

In these tough economic times, how do therapists distinguish between money troubles related to the recession and those that have psychological roots? 

The Heart Speaks

Does Love Have a Role in Psychotherapy?

First Impressions

Getting Off to the Right Start is Crucial in Therapy

Mentalization: Something New?

Something new or just old wine in new bottles?

Is “mentalization” a breakthrough in our understanding of the mind, or just a rehash of old ideas?

Hidden in Plain Sight

Adult AD/HD is Too Often Unrecognized

Hearing the Body’s Truth

Three Steps to Connecting to Felt Sense

Although the idea that the mind and body are inextricably linked is widely accepted in our field, many clinicians remain too focused on words to hear the truths that their clients’ bodies have to offer.

How Food Improves Mood

Bringing Nutrition into the Consulting Room

Learning even a little about nutrition and diet can greatly enhance therapists’ ability to help clients with mood problems.

Beyond Lip Service

Confronting Our Prejudices Against Higher-Weight Clients

Therapists should not only be aware of their prejudices toward higher-weight clients, but should commit themselves to challenge those attitudes as well.

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