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2012 March/April
Taking The Measure of Psychotherapy: Today's realities, yesterday's dreams

Looking Back on Therapy’s Unfolding Story

MA2012-1A Progress Report on the Science—and Art—of the Psychotherapy Field

By Diane Cole

What do we know today about the effectiveness of psychotherapy that we didn’t know 30 years ago? Even more important, how do we improve our treatments?

MA2012-2A Close Look at 30 Years of the Psychotherapy Networker

By Richard Simon

Remember mimeograph machines, the Milan Group, the False Memory Foundation, DSM–III, the Family Therapy Networker, and private practice before managed care?

MA2012-3Assessing the State of the Art 2012

The State of the Art, the Networker’s first-ever virtual conference, offered an opportunity for leaders in our field who disagree to debate each other. Here’s your chance to hear what they said and consider what it means for the future of our profession.

MA2012-4A Mosaic of the Psychotherapy Networker, 1982-2012

Over the years, our front-of-the-book department has not only given readers plenty of tasty factoids to chew on, but also revealed how the seasons of the profession turn, and turn again, over time.

A Buddhist Approach to Helping Low Self-Esteem 

Teaching Self-Compassion in Therapy

 A Buddhist approach to enhancing self-esteem

Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming to Help a Panicked Client

From Certainty to Uncertainty

Often clients come to therapy to resolve ambivalence or because they can’t make up their minds. But sometimes, the problem is that they’re too certain about things they should be uncertain about.

Igniting Excellence in Psychotherapy

Top performers are made, not born

When it comes to achieving excellence, author Daniel Coyle has found a common pattern of focused, guided practice and instruction that leads to success.

Recovering Together

An Ailing Mother Comes to the Aid of Her Son 

An ailing mother and son help each other find their way back to health.

March/April 2012 Taking The Measure of Psychotherapy
Today's Realities, Yesterday's Dreams

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