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Amy Weintraub Amy Weintraub • Saturday Afternoon

While mindfulness meditation has become something of a sovereign remedy for mood dysregulation, many people---particularly those with trauma histories---are just too agitated to tolerate sitting quietly and watching their breath, because they become prey to dark ruminations and even greater anxiety. In this workshop, we’ll focus on several of the more active,

Marty Klein Marty Klein • Saturday Afternoon

With 40 million Americans viewing Internet pornography every month, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing a proliferation of cases involving conflicts between porn users and their partners. This workshop will examine the typical dynamics of this conflict, and present strategies that’ll help support both members of a couple as they struggle with the issue. We’ll discuss the broad range of

Daniel Siegel Daniel Siegel • Saturday Afternoon

Recent and ongoing research confirms the complex interactions of biology and environment that can influence our sense of attachment to others from the earliest moments of life---and throughout our lives. This workshop will bring a comprehensive perspective---grounded in both neurobiology and psychology---to the theory of attachment.

Esther PerelRon Taffel Esther Perel & Ron Taffel
Saturday Afternoon •
Rather than eternal universals, love, closeness, and intimacy are concepts that keep being redefined as society changes. Today’s clients, from 15 to 50, have vastly different views of connection, changing expressions, and forms of intimacy than
Marlene Maheu

Marlene Maheu • Sunday All Day

Looking to earn a successful living online? Not only do many therapists want to take advantage of new online possibilities for reaching potential consumers and clients, they probably need to get up to speed on the legal, ethical, and technical issues to stay afloat. Yet, most clinicians often don’t know where to get reliable information or how to proceed.

Lynn Grodzki Joe Bavonese Lynn Grodzki & Joe Bavonese
Sunday All Day •
Good advice about your therapy practice from a trusted circle of professional friends and colleagues can be as essential to career development as it is hard to find. This workshop will teach you how to create a Mastermind Group of smart, caring advisors with 
Ron Taffel Ron Taffel • Saturday Morning

Warp-speed cultural and economic changes have increasingly led today’s parents to question their own authority like never before. Having rejected the top-down hierarchy and clear boundary lines that characterized earlier generations, they feel helpless to assert control, especially in an electronic age in which teen behavior isn’t easily monitored---

Etienne Wenger Beverly Trayner

Etienne Wenger & Beverly Trayner
Sunday All Day •
As the largest and most wide-ranging “Community of Practice,” in the field of psychotherapy, the Symposium offers an intellectual synergy that can only be experienced with members of your own professional tribe. This session will help you bring the experience of
Rudolf Bauer Rudolph Bauer • Sunday All Day

While some seasoned therapists may experience burnout, others continue to bring creativity and joy to their clinical practice. This workshop will help you discover innovative ways to remain interested and engaged---professionally and personally---during your ongoing journey. We’ll discuss the importance of continuing to find new teachers and new types of

Esther PerelTerry Real Esther Perel & Terry Real • Saturday Morning

Conventional wisdom maintains that sexual infidelity is always a symptom of a deeply troubled relationship, and that therapists should insist upon full disclosure, never keeping secrets, and viewing the infidelity as a highly traumatic event. However, when

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