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Daniel Leven Daniel Leven • Thursday All Day

Word-oriented as we are, we lose sight of the fact that our minds follow our bodies, and that whether we’re feeling tense and tired, or fluid and relaxed, the body is the doorway to the brain, not vice versa. In this experiential workshop, you’ll discover how to use physical movement to invigorate your body and teach your brain how to experience positive states

Walter Bartman Walter Bartman • Thursday All Day

Watercolor isn’t an arcane art form limited to a few professional artists, but a creative vehicle that can deepen the imaginative powers of anyone who dips a brush into paint and applies the colors of the imagination to paper. In this workshop, designed for novices and experienced artists alike, you’ll explore the elements of this engaging medium.

Joan Klagsbrun Joan Klagsbrun • Thursday All Day

Each of us has within ourselves a wellspring of creativity, spiritual connection, and imaginative power, but many of us don’t know how to tap into these resources. In this workshop, we’ll explore the Focusing method developed by psychologist Eugene Gendlin that’ll help you connect with these natural sources of vitality by experiencing your “felt sense”

Dana LaCroix Dana LaCroix • Thursday All Day

If you’ve ever longed to be a more dynamic---or just more comfortable---public speaker, here’s your chance to hone your skills and bring out the inner performer in you. You’ll learn the essentials of breath control, body language, and stage presence as you participate in a wide range of fun exercises that'll help you get comfortable with your voice and your body.

David Florh David Flohr • Thursday All Day

Clay is the raw substrate of creation; the dense, earthy matter from which our human form emerged. Touching, smoothing, and molding its damp solidity puts us in touch with something primal about ourselves and our existence. In this workshop, we’ll evoke our creativity through the medium of clay, combined with guided visualizations and small-group work.

Linda Graham Linda Graham • Thursday All Day

Brain research has shown us how certain interventions can help rewire our clients’ brains, reducing stress, resolving trauma, and recovering resilience. But how much of this knowledge do we bring to the care of our own brains to manage the emotional volatility of difficult clients, reduce our own stress and burnout, to restore our sense of perspective,

Jay Efran Jay Efran • Thursday All Day

Have you ever wanted to be able to keep other people spellbound? Here’s your chance. In this workshop, using everyday objects and easily assembled props, you’ll learn some of the secrets of practicing magic that have delighted children of all ages for thousands of years. The presenter, a magician and therapist, will discuss the principles of magic

Rubin Naiman Rubin Naiman • Thursday All Day

For the millions of insomniacs among us, falling and staying asleep is a nightly struggle. Because we assume sleep is an unconscious process over which we have no control, we fail to approach it mindfully. In this workshop, we’ll explore an innovative approach integrating mindfulness, sleep science, and spiritual views of consciousness that can help people

Doug Silsbee Doug Silsbee • Thursday All Day

How often have you heard someone admiringly described as having “presence,” without knowing exactly what it means, much less knowing how to develop that quality yourself? This workshop explores presence as both an internal state of awareness, openness, and sense of ease, as well as the external manifestation of that state---and will show

Elisha Goldstein Elisha Goldstein • Thursday All Day

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, is now taught at more than 250 medical centers around the world. Clinical research has demonstrated that MBSR techniques significantly benefit the mind, emotional regulation, and physical health. This daylong workshop will combine

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