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Elizabeth Doherty Thomas Elizabeth Doherty Thomas • Thursday All Day

Are you stumped by the ins and outs of making your website friendlier? Scratching your head about how to interact more easily with the latest social networking tools people are talking about? Confused about how to phrase an online search query to get a trustworthy answer? Or just plain intimidated by the bells and whistles of over-engineered websites?

Dick Anderson Dick Anderson • Thursday All Day

Evocative photographs can create a bridge between the outside world and our inner journey, and writing about these photographs can further illuminate paths to personal discovery. In this workshop, we’ll explore our relationship to the natural world through photographing the sights and landscapes we discover in Rock Creek Park, the lovely refuge

Amy Weintraub Amy Weintraub • Thursday All Day

Often, to protect ourselves from the exhaustion and anxiety endemic to our culture, we hide behind our professional armor and social mask, losing our sense of connection to others and our deepest selves. We’ll use this day of simple, accessible movement, yoga breathing, and meditation to prepare ourselves for the fullness of the Symposium.

Howard Richmond Howard Richmond • Thursday All Day

Do you know all of Seinfeld’s routines by heart? When you hear Ellen DeGeneres speak, do you feel like she’s your long lost twin? If you’ve ever dreamed of wielding a microphone at a standup comedy club, this light-hearted, experiential workshop is for you---it’ll sharpen your wits, free up your mind, and bring into focus the best coping tool we have.

Anh-Huong NguyenThu Nguyen Anh-Huong Nguyen and Thu Nguyen

Thursday All Day • Mindfulness meditation can help us reduce stress, manage pain, and expand our capacity to joyfully embrace life. This workshop, led by teachers ordained by Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh, will introduce you to the art

Daniel Leven Daniel Leven • Thursday All Day

Word-oriented as we are, we lose sight of the fact that our minds follow our bodies, and that whether we’re feeling tense and tired, or fluid and relaxed, the body is the doorway to the brain, not vice versa. In this experiential workshop, you’ll discover how to use physical movement to invigorate your body and teach your brain how to experience positive states

Walter Bartman Walter Bartman • Thursday All Day

Watercolor isn’t an arcane art form limited to a few professional artists, but a creative vehicle that can deepen the imaginative powers of anyone who dips a brush into paint and applies the colors of the imagination to paper. In this workshop, designed for novices and experienced artists alike, you’ll explore the elements of this engaging medium.

Joan Klagsbrun Joan Klagsbrun • Thursday All Day

Each of us has within ourselves a wellspring of creativity, spiritual connection, and imaginative power, but many of us don’t know how to tap into these resources. In this workshop, we’ll explore the Focusing method developed by psychologist Eugene Gendlin that’ll help you connect with these natural sources of vitality by experiencing your “felt sense”

Dana LaCroix Dana LaCroix • Thursday All Day

If you’ve ever longed to be a more dynamic---or just more comfortable---public speaker, here’s your chance to hone your skills and bring out the inner performer in you. You’ll learn the essentials of breath control, body language, and stage presence as you participate in a wide range of fun exercises that'll help you get comfortable with your voice and your body.

David Florh David Flohr • Thursday All Day

Clay is the raw substrate of creation; the dense, earthy matter from which our human form emerged. Touching, smoothing, and molding its damp solidity puts us in touch with something primal about ourselves and our existence. In this workshop, we’ll evoke our creativity through the medium of clay, combined with guided visualizations and small-group work.

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