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Michael Yapko Michael Yapko • Saturday All Day

While mindfulness is prevalent in psychotherapy today, it can also be misunderstood---and misused in practice---as a “one size fits all” therapy. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to enhance therapeutic outcomes by individualizing clinical applications of mindfulness to suit each patient. We’ll focus on combining mindfulness techniques and clinical hypnosis,

Anita Mandley Anita Mandley • Sunday All Day

Research has shown that Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is particularly useful in treating patients with borderline personality disorder. This workshop will teach you how to integrate some principles and techniques of trauma work with the principles and techniques of DBT. We’ll emphasize how to help clients build the capacity to shift from a “trauma mind” state

Robert GarfieldJake Kriger Robert Garfield & Jake Kriger • Sunday All Day

Research and clinical experience confirm that male friendships positively contribute to marriage and parenting skills, and can provide support and practical resources for men in individual and couples therapy. This workshop will show you how to give men “permission”

Peter Fraenkel Peter Fraenkel • Sunday All Day

In today’s high-tech, fast-paced world, when partners complain that they feel “out of sync,” they aren’t just speaking metaphorically. Many common couples’ problems---about sex, emotional intimacy, money, housework, in-laws---are driven by deeper differences in partners’ life rhythms, punctuality practices, and time perspectives. In this workshop, through

David Flohr David Flohr • Sunday All Day

As therapists, we’re supposed to know all about raising kids, but in today’s free-for-all, mass-culture society, we often feel as stymied by our own children as our clients feel about theirs. In this experiential workshop, you’ll have an opportunity to directly experience the Self-as-Parent: Pathways model, gain an understanding of how it works, and explore your own parenting

Cara BrendlerJohn Brendler Cara Brendler & John Brendler
Sunday All Day •
Fathers and their adolescent and young adult daughters can alternate between screaming matches and silent standoffs that leave them feeling angry, hurt, helpless, and distant. This workshop will teach you how to help them break through the awkwardness, tension, disengagement,
Wendy Behary Wendy Behary • Sunday All Day

Narcissists---notoriously arrogant, condescending, lacking empathy, emotionally detached---often seem incapable of genuine relationship with anyone, therapists included. So how can we summon compassion for narcissists and engage them in treatment when they’re more likely to attack than cooperate with us? In this workshop, we’ll explore a method

Tayyab Rashid Tayyab Rashid • Sunday All Day

The basic thrust of Positive Psychology---urging us to go beyond emphasizing pathology and “what went wrong” and help people change by identifying and building on individual strengths and life experiences---is unquestionably intriguing. But how do you translate this concept into specific clinical interventions that you can use in your therapeutic practice?

Eleanor Counselman Eleanor Counselman • Sunday All Day

Clients often seek therapy because they have difficulty connecting with others. But while they talk about relationship problems in individual sessions, they exhibit them in group therapy. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the curative factors of group therapy that Irvin Yalom described and review some of its basic principles---the need for clear agreement

William Pinsof William Pinsof • Sunday All Day

The targeted use of empirical data and research results to improve therapeutic outcomes is creating a revolution in psychotherapy. If you’ve been wondering how an integrated database could help you measure and assess the progress of your clients, and provide the feedback and guidance to help you achieve greater success, this is the workshop for you.

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