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Like a Ghost

Using EMDR to Revive a Traumatized Vet’s Marriage

By Nancy Errebo

Systems Thinking Goes to the Classroom

By David Seaburn

Going, Going, Gone

A young boy finds his Charon for the final journey

By Anna Belle Kaufman

Symposium 2010 Starts a New Kind of Conversation

By Garry Cooper

Your Inner Therapist

By Garry Cooper

Between Gay and Straight

Honoring a client's multiple identities

By Jeff Levy

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The Latest Therapy Titles at Your Fingertips

For more information, including how to order these books, click on the web addresses listed below.

Overcoming Shock: Healing the Traumatized Mind and Heart
Overcoming Shock

by Diane Ziimberoff & David Hartman
Breakthrough new approach to healing stress, trauma and shock. This book focuses on the profound impact shock has on our lives, including addictions and diseases, and presents successful methods of recognizing and treating shock. It is written for therapists and all first responders - as well as the general public.

Meditation Illuminated: Simple Ways to Manage Your Busy Mind

Joy Rains

by Joy Rains
The ideal book for beginning meditators, this comprehensive primer offers simple concepts, straightforward language, illustrative stories and clear instructions for 21 varied meditations. Reviewers comment: "Logically written, concise," "inspiring book," "simple yet comprehensive," "fabulously basic yet beautifully profound," "best guide on meditation." Bulk discounts available through publisher. Contact

Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain

Bouncing Back

by Linda Graham, MFT
Resilience allows us to navigate the twists and turns of life with skill and flexibility. Bouncing Back offers proven tools and exercises – at the intersection of mindfulness practice, psychotherapy and modern neuroscience – to strengthen clients’ capacities to handle everyday disappointments and extraordinary disasters, saving relationships, jobs, even lives.

Focusing in Clinical Practice: The Essence of Change

Focusing in Clinical Practice

by Ann Weiser Cornell
Focusing enables clients to contact their inner awareness or “felt sense” to spur real change and therapeutic progress. Designed to be immediately useful to working clinicians, this practical guide includes Focusing with trauma, addiction, and depression, combining Focusing with ten widely-used therapeutic modalities, and the clinician’s own Focusing process.

Chill & Spill

Chill and Spill

by Steffanie Lorig and Jeanean Jacobs, MA, ATR-BC, LPAT
Chill & Spill helps teens and 'tweens express both their suffering and strength – facilitating healing, promoting coping skills, and building self-confidence. Chill & Spill combines creative writing and expressive art with therapies designed to help youth facing crisis. Training and supportive curriculum are also available. Proceeds benefit youth in crisis. More info on website below.

Loving With the Brain in Mind


by Mona DeKoven Fishbane
Part of the Norton Series on Interpersonal Neurobiology, Mona Fishbane’s acclaimed new book brings together the wisdom of interpersonal neurobiology and a systemic approach to couple therapy.

A “masterful book. . . . Soak in the wisdom of this elegant and illuminating synthesis.” —Daniel J. Siegel, MD, from the Foreword

“Finally, a terrific and very readable book that combines what we know scientifically about healthy relationships with what we are learning about the functioning of the brain. This book should be part of every clinician’s library.” —John M. Gottman

Your Brain on AA (And the Mind That Awaits You)


by Anonymous
Are you working with clients whose lives are affected by addiction? YOUR BRAIN ON AA, the ebook that is being read throughout the United States and eight foreign countries, is now available in print. This book presents a new way of thinking about addiction and recovery combining neuroscience, attachment theory, and the 12-step program approach, showing how these three separate worlds converge. It explores how the 12 steps may affect the brain and how the brain (particularly sub-cortical processes) and attachment schema may determine how people do or don’t participate in their own recovery.

Multifamily Group Clinical Skills Workbook for Therapists

Multifamily Workbook

by David P. Sanchez, PsyD, LMFT
This clinical skills workbook for therapists is intended to support the practicing clinician in conceptualizing how to facilitate multifamily group within a Structural or Experiential theoretical lens. The author highlights multifamily group as another treatment modality for therapists to access when providing therapeutic services to a diverse population.

Transforming Traumatic Grief: Six Steps to Move from Grief to Peace

Transforming Traumatic Grief

by Courtney Armstrong
Drawing from the new science of loss, Transforming Traumatic Grief provides six proven strategies that comfort and empower grievers, promotes resilience and hope for those who have been devastated by tragedy and loss, and shows ways to create new meaning in life beyond grief and trauma.

Mining Your Client’s Metaphors: A How-To Workbook on Clean Language

Mining Your Client's Metaphors

by Gina Campbell, MEd
Psychotherapist David Grove discovered that if you ask certain questions of clients’ internalized metaphors, you can access their subconscious wounds, beliefs, and survival strategies. Learn how to harness the power and wisdom of these metaphors to help your clients clarify core issues, clear blocks, and shift dysfunctional patterns.

Children and Traumatic Incident Reduction: Creative and Cognitive Approaches

Traumatic Incident Reduction

by Marian K. Volkman, CTS, CMF
Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) is an evidence-based, person-centered, brief treatment for children and adults which alleviates many symptom clusters related to PTSD including anxiety, panic attacks, depression, hypervigilance. TIR can be effective for survivors of domestic violence, child abuse, neglect, accidents and illnesses, as well as rape, and incest.

Whole Person Associates

Whole Person Associates

Whole Person Associates has been publishing therapist-friendly resources for over 30 years. Most of our books include reproducible worksheets and educational handouts for use with all of your clients to get them actively involved in the healing process. Our books cover a wide variety of mental health topics including Trauma, Anger & Aggression, Domestic Violence, Building Resiliency, Relationship Skills, Conflict Management, Grief, Teen Bullying, Teen Self-Esteem, Coping with Change, Coping with Anxiety, Essential Work Skills, Stress Management, Healthy Balance, and more. If you’re looking for fresh ideas and practical tools, check out our products on our web site.

Co-Creating Change: Effective Dynamic Therapy Techniques

Co-Creating Change

by Jon Frederickson
Do you have patients who are “stuck” and resist change? Would you like to help the 50 percent of patients who drop out of therapy before they have received its full benefits?

To be successful, therapists must know how to intervene to help patients experience previously avoided feelings. Co-Creating Change provides clear, systemic steps for assessing patients’ needs and intervening. Every technique is illustrated with a clinical vignette taken from an actual session that shows therapists what to say so they can assess and respond to patients’ needs.

“This book is a brilliant master class.” – David Malan

Rhythms of Recovery: Trauma, Nature and the Body

Rhythms of Recovery

by Leslie E. Korn, PhD, MPH
Provides clinicians with time-tested tools for alleviating the destabilizing effects of traumatic experiences on the mind and the body. Drawing on over 35 years of work in the jungle of Mexico and as a clinician at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Korn provides detailed exercises and protocols on restoring circadian rhythm, alternatives to medication, and the use of botanical and nutritional therapies, Bodywork, Yoga, Breath Retraining and Indigenous Healing. This deeply appealing book is an ideal guide for practitioners interested in integrating the insights of complementary/alternative medicine, psychotherapy and 21st-century science.
Author Website:

“This book is a must read for every therapist who deals with trauma." Don R. Catherall, PhD, professor of clinical psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Northwestern University and author of the Handbook of Stress, Trauma, and the Family

SHE-Q: Why Women Should Mentor Men and Change the World


by Michele (Shelley) Takei, PhD
She-Q refers to the wisdom of women, which until now has remained unexplored. Traditional knowing is still male based, left–brained, and thus limited. Women, who are out-performing males at every level of education, are now the more whole–brained sex whose wisdom is necessary to change the world. Contact me for a personalized book plate.

No More Vodka in My Orange Juice

Your Brain on AA

by Justin Daniels
A fresh new compassionate approach to addiction recovery is presented in No More Vodka in My Orange Juice. Recovery is a learning process and Justin Daniels understands how to motivate addicts to find their path to recovery. Justin speaks from the heart and from personal experience. He offers solutions, guidance and empowerment. He is proof, that anyone can achieve a fulfilling sober life.

"No More Vodka in My Orange Juice is more than just another drunkalogue autobiography. It is an inspirational story about one man's consequences, which ultimately led to a growing compassion, commitment, and "clarity" of what addiction treatment can look like when you add purpose and passion to a program." Sherry Gaba, LCSW, author of "The Law of Sobriety", CBS radio host, Celebrity Rehab Psychotherapist.

The Dance of Sex: A Dreambody Approach to Love, Sex, and Ecstasy

The Dance of Sex

by Dr. Gary Reiss, LCSW, PhD
In The Dance of Sex, Dr. Gary Reiss offers exciting, powerful methods based on the Dreambody work of Process-Oriented Psychology This book is packed with tools for therapists and exercises for couples at home. Reiss’s approach has helped thousands of couples reach an ecstatic sex life.

More than a Mirror: Horses, Humans, and Therapeutic Practices

Horse Sense

by Shannon Knapp
More Than a Mirror offers a thorough examination of theory and practice of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) as a therapeutic intervention. Leading practitioner Shannon Knapp, MA, of Horse Sense of the Carolinas, integrates emotional/social intelligence, neuroscience, and learning theory as well as a step-by-step examination of EAP as practiced today.

Coming Home to Passion: Restoring Loving Sexuality in Couples With Histories of Childhood Trauma and Neglect

Coming Home to Passion

by Ruth Cohn
This powerful book explores the enduring impacts—physiological, psychological, and behavioral—of childhood trauma and neglect. Author Ruth Cohn, drawing on 25 years of experience working with trauma survivors and their partners, lays out a practical and actionable course in clear, accessible language. This book provides direction and hope to those with trauma backgrounds while also serving as a unique resource for professional readers. Cohn details a practical, hands-on treatment approach for revitalizing love, health, and passion.

Limitless You: The Infinite Possibilities of a Balanced Brain

Limitless You

by Lee Gerdes
Thanks to recent advances in neuroplasticity, we now know the brain can rewire its own network. If you aren’t utilizing a functional brain pattern to advise where asymmetries lie, you may be offering a restricted approach to overcoming a compromised life. By incorporating Brain State Technologies® revolutionary Brainwave Optimization® into your practice, you can help liberate your clients from their limitations. Limitless You presents the science behind Brainwave Optimization® in simple terms, alongside case histories you can compare with those of your clients. You’ll be amazed by the life-changing benefits Brainwave Optimization® brings to your practice and to your clients.

You Can Make It Happen: How Breakthroughs in Neuroscience Can Transform Relationships

You Can Make It Happen

by Eva Berlander
In her new book, couples therapist Eva Berlander motivates us to see our conflicts from a new perspective. Eva helps us find a way to rewire our brains, establish deep contact and experience real love. Based on the new Interpersonal Neurobiology Research (IPNB) on how the brain works.

The Daughter Also Rises: How Women Advance in Family Business

The Daughter Also Rises

by Anne E. Francis, PhD
The Daughter Also Rises: How Women Advance in Family Business is an important, practical guide for business families and those who work with them. Anne Francis takes you inside the family and the business to examine the unique and often highly charged relationships, problems, and possibilities that business families face.

Dreaming Money

Dreaming Money

by Dr. Gary Reiss, LCSW, PhD
Dreaming Money brings back ancient mystical wisdom, and combines this with powerful psychological techniques to reveal the secrets of how your dreams and dreamlike experiences can guide you down an easier, more direct path to wealth. The emphasis here is on creating wealth in a meaningful way that is connected to positive world change.

Families that Dream Together

Families that Dream Together

by Dr. Gary Reiss LCSW, PhD
In Families that Dream Together, Dr. Gary Reiss offers solutions for today’s most pressing family problems. Utilizing the tools of Process Oriented Psychology and indigenous methods of community based healing, he shows how families are finding the answers they need. Reiss’s approach combines inner work, relationship and dream work, communication approaches and community based healing.


A Guide to Specialized Instruction in the Mental Health Field

Click on web addresses below for further information on each program.



Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy

Dr. Stan Tatkin, author of Wired for Love and Love and War, presents PACT – a Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy. PACT, a fusion of attachment, arousal regulation, and neuroscience, is quickly gaining a reputation for effectively treating couples typically thought of as untreatable. PACT Level I and Level II training is available in Austin, Berkeley, Boulder, Los Angeles, and Seattle and features clinical video presentations, multimedia and didactic delivery, group discussion, case consultation, experiential exercises, and live case enactments. Workshops deepen knowledge of attachment, arousal regulation, neurobiological deficits, and therapeutic enactments. CE credits offered. More information, program dates, prices, and registration available at our website below.


Focusing Resources

Focusing Resources

Focusing, as developed by Eugene Gendlin, is a body-oriented process of self-awareness and emotional healing. Focusing has been linked in over 80 research studies with positive outcomes in therapy. With the Focusing Training Program with additional Healing Professionals content, you'll learn an experiential process for yourself which you can immediately bring into your work with clients. Our program consists of Four Levels, offered individually or as a package. Symposium Participants are offered a discounted package rate. For more information and to register, go to website below. Our workshops qualify for CEUs.

Focusing Resources - Processes for Deep Emotional Healing and Life Change


LifeForce Yoga

LifeForce Yoga®

Practitioner Training for Anxiety & Depression

Offers clinicians Yoga practices supported by current research appropriate for the treatment room. No mat required! Learn directly from Amy Weintraub, the founder of LifeForce Yoga, and a faculty of yoga teachers and mental health professionals the yoga skills you need to help your client clear away the chronic tensions, constricting beliefs, and limiting emotions that may be keeping her from realizing her fullest potential and sustaining her optimum mental health. Offer your clients an alternative and/or adjunct treatment to medication, and provide them with skills for internal mood-regulation and self-care. The evidence-based LifeForce Yoga protocol is used in health care settings internationally. Amy Weintraub is the author of Yoga for Depression and Yoga Skills for Therapists (W.W. Norton), CEUs.


Center For Contextual ChangeMary Jo Barrett

Center for Contextual Change

Mary Jo Barrett and other seasoned clinicians from the Center for Contextual Change offer trainings on a variety of topics that can be tailored to the specific needs of your staff and done on site. All of our trainings put a particular focus on the Collaborative Change Model, a 3 stage model proven to create real and meaningful change. Topics include DBT, PTSD, Compassion Fatigue, Complex Trauma and more. Our trainers are well versed in both in-patient and out-patient settings and with clinicians working in private practice. Committed to the importance of sharing knowledge with the therapeutic community, we offer a comprehensive curriculum of professional trainings and consultations for mental health clinicians and educators. For more information visit our website,,  or call (847) 676-4447, x336.



Announcing the APA PsycAdvocate® Continuing Education series!

In a joint collaboration between the APA Education and Public Interest Government Relations Offices, PsycAdvocate training modules are designed to provide psychologists and psychology students/trainees with the skills to become effective public policy advocates at federal, state and local levels. The series includes an introduction to advocacy, a review of the structure/functions of the federal government, an overview of the legislative and regulatory processes, strategies for effectively informing and influencing policymakers, and an introduction to state and local advocacy and the value of political activities.
APA Members: $25 Nonmembers: $35


Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Founded/Directed by Pat Ogden, PhD
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy® Institute’s three-tier Training Program in Affect Regulation, Attachment, and Trauma teaches effective and accessible somatic interventions for working with the legacy of both trauma and attachment disturbance. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy® can be easily integrated into psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and EMDR-focused treatments. SP is a body-oriented talking therapy that draws from principles of interpersonal neurobiology and is informed by contemporary research on trauma, neuroscience, dissociation and attachment. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy® Institute offers trainings throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia.


Online Therapy Institute

Online Therapy Institute is a training and consultancy organization designed for mental health practitioners, coaches and healers worldwide who have an interest in using technology to deliver services at a distance. We offer post-graduate Specialist Training Certificates in Online Therapy, Intuitive Studies, Avatar Identities, Online Supervision and Online Coaching all leading toward our Certified Cyber Facilitator credential. We also offer Certified Professional Coach and Certified Intuitive Practitioner credentials. Our courses are CE accredited for most mental health disciplines and we are a Board Certified Coach training provider through CCE. Through training, consultation and field placement, we can help you grow your practice to new levels with online and self-paced training that includes individualized support throughout!

(877) 773-5591



Real People Press (Steve Andreas)

Releasing PTSD Video

Observe the complete process of Steve Andreas guiding an Iraq veteran in resolving PTSD flashbacks, nightmares, rages, grief, perfectionism, anxiety, hypervigilance, the internal critical voices that trigger many of these, and relationship issues, in four sessions totaling over 9 hours of streaming video with follow-up that you can watch at your own pace, with no time limit.

Watch free samples from this video program on YouTube: "A Demonstration of Effectively Resolving PTSD Symptoms."

No risk guarantee 100% money back within 30 days of purchase!


Gerald Smith

Gerald Smith

Couple Therapy Workshop for Psychotherapists
at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA
January 17-19, 2014

13 CEUs led by Gerald Smith, EdD, Licensed Psychologist, Dr. Smith completed all levels of training offered by Virginia Satir, MSW, at Mental Research Institute, Palo Alto, CA. The most comprehensive level was for Smith and seven other psychotherapists in training with Satir each week for nine months.  Subsequently, Satir invited Smith to do some of the family therapy training her schedule did not allow her to do.  Smith wrote two books concerning relationships: Couple Therapy and Hidden Meanings. Visit or call (813) 667-3000.


League of Therapists

Intensive Trauma Therapy, Inc.

Learn what you didn't learn in graduate school! Enhance your clinical skills with practical methods to deal with PTSD and other trauma-related conditions. Our training enables you to: treat nightmares, flashbacks, emotional numbing, and dissociation; safely process traumatic memories without re-living; address chronic suicidal thinking; deal with self-mutilation; and stop command hallucinations. The course is four days (30 hours) of experiential and didactic sessions (lectures, case presentations, and video examples) and a week-long practicum in our clinic during which you follow a patient through his/her individual intensive trauma therapy.  Located in West Virginia, an easy drive from Washington or Pittsburgh.


Mari Creative Resources


Learn MARI, get 20 CEs and cruise the Caribbean in January! The MARI (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument) is a whole-brained instrument based in the concept of wholeness, and is the most comprehensive psychological assessment that exists today. It is a Jungian-oriented instrument based on symbols, colors and developmental stages that literally reveals a remarkably accurate “picture” of the psyche. Accessing all four aspects of consciousness, MARI passes beneath the filters of the ego to reveal the true Self. MARI information spans the traditional and transpersonal perspectives and provides contact and ethics hours approved by APA, ACA, NBCC and NASW. Live and self-paced, online classes available.


Karyne WilnerKaryne Wilner

Karyne Wilner's Core Energetics

Participate in a certification program based upon the world renowned Core Energetics Method. Mental health professionals will become certified in a comprehensive energy-renewing method that helps their patients:

  • Overcome and heal deeply stored, inhibiting, emotional imprints left in the body from earlier unresolved painful experiences.
  • Refresh and enhance the natural flow of life energy and love so they can enjoy a more integrated and harmonious life.

Join this ongoing Professional Training in Core Energetics for weekends:Dec. 13-15, 2013, Jan. 31-Feb.2, March 28-30, May 2-4, & June 27-29, 2014 in Newport, RI. Continuing Education Credits available. For information visit the website,, or call (401) 316-7041 to speak to Karyne personally.


Philadelphia Child & Family Therapy Training Center

Philadelphia Child & Family Therapy Training Center

The Philadelphia Child and Family Therapy Training Center, Inc. was created in the late 1990s to continue the training programs previously conducted at Philadelphia Child Guidance Center directed by Salvador Minuchin. Under the leadership of Dr. Marion Lindblad-Goldberg, the training center is known for its development of an updated clinical model, Ecosystemic Structural Family Therapy. The Center's traveling faculty conduct training in institutions nationally and abroad. The Center runs a three-year COAMFTE-accredited post-graduate program, a one-year Extern Program, and a three-week June Summer Practicum with live supervision with patients, AAMFT-Approved Supervision Mentoring Course and a Refresher Course, and correspondence courses. Visit the Center's website,


Inner Canvas

Artfix: The Online Class Coming this Fall!

Artfix is a 5 week online class for therapists who want to learn how to live, work + think like an artist ... and solve problems like a genius. Artfix is designed to put a powerful new tool in your toolkit — a 5-step creative process that you can use to find and teach life-altering solutions to your clients’ problems. Lisa Mitchell, MFT, ATR, is an artist who happens to be a therapist. Or maybe it’s the other way around. In her world, it doesn’t really matter — because she believes that art + therapy both rely on the same creative process: a process of finding unexpected solutions, shifting perceptions, and transforming ‘mistakes’ into masterpieces.



American Hypnosis Training Academy

Provides a powerful range of clinical interventions for promoting profound therapeutic results. The acquisition of these highly effective methods will strengthen your professional expertise. Your training will consist of lectures, live demonstrations, and practice in small groups, which will reinforce your learning. Attend this training and you’ll gain the skills you need to immediately use Ericksonian Hypnosis and Brief Psychotherapy effectively. You want excellent training...this is excellent training. The American Hypnosis Training Academy has provided outstanding instruction for more than 32 years to more than 6,000 satisfied professionals.

(301) 565-0103 or (800) 343-9915



The Four Winds Society, Light Body School

Shamanic Energy Medicine transforms psychotherapy to take us beyond the mental-emotion level of healing – to the level of emotional and somatic expression and cognitive understanding and reorganization.  Discover the power of Shamanic Energy Medicine to increase your ability to sense on the energetic level, gain greater understanding of your client’s issues, and add new intervention skills. Their Continuing Education approved programs integrates contemporary research perspectives on neuroscience, brain development and physics which supports energy medicine theory and practice. The world renowned Light Body School has taught many in the medical practices, including doctors, nurses, and therapists. Call toll free for more information: (877) 421-7053 or visit


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