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Mary PipherHarville HendrixDaniel Siegel Mary Pipher, Harville Hendrix, & Daniel Siegel
Saturday Morning •
How do we move beyond the consulting room to bring our skills of healing and understanding to the wider world? In this workshop, three
Robert Schwarz Elaine Braff Robert Schwarz & Elaine Braff
Sunday All Day •
Too often, couples work can be a grim process, where partners perch at the edge of their comfort zones, but it doesn’t need to be so dead serious. Play is an essential ingredient of marital and life satisfaction, and “having fun together” is one of the most important ways
Susan Osofsky Susan Osofsky • Sunday All Day

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) can be a conundrum for therapists: not only does talk therapy generally not work to alleviate or reduce ritualized repetitive behavior, but it can even increase anxiety. In this workshop, we’ll explore Exposure/Response Prevention (ERP), a model that’s been shown to be more effective. We’ll explain the brain

Hedy Schleifer Hedy Schleifer • Saturday All Day

Given all that we’re learning about social neurobiology, how can couples learn to shape each other’s brains to promote their own mental health and “relational maturity?” In this workshop, we’ll explore a pragmatic, step-by-step process that can activate the natural capacities of our brains for deep, wordless, emotional and spiritual connection. Through lecture, videotape clips,

Olivia MellanMrim Boutla Olivia Mellan & Mrim Boutla • Sunday All Day

With the financial and job markets in turmoil, money troubles and career worries are among the top concerns for many clients, unmoored as much by unconscious fears as by real hardships. This workshop will explore the attitudes, anxieties, and personal baggage

Michael Yapko Michael Yapko • Saturday All Day

While mindfulness is prevalent in psychotherapy today, it can also be misunderstood---and misused in practice---as a “one size fits all” therapy. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to enhance therapeutic outcomes by individualizing clinical applications of mindfulness to suit each patient. We’ll focus on combining mindfulness techniques and clinical hypnosis,

Anita Mandley Anita Mandley • Sunday All Day

Research has shown that Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is particularly useful in treating patients with borderline personality disorder. This workshop will teach you how to integrate some principles and techniques of trauma work with the principles and techniques of DBT. We’ll emphasize how to help clients build the capacity to shift from a “trauma mind” state

Robert GarfieldJake Kriger Robert Garfield & Jake Kriger • Sunday All Day

Research and clinical experience confirm that male friendships positively contribute to marriage and parenting skills, and can provide support and practical resources for men in individual and couples therapy. This workshop will show you how to give men “permission”

Peter Fraenkel Peter Fraenkel • Sunday All Day

In today’s high-tech, fast-paced world, when partners complain that they feel “out of sync,” they aren’t just speaking metaphorically. Many common couples’ problems---about sex, emotional intimacy, money, housework, in-laws---are driven by deeper differences in partners’ life rhythms, punctuality practices, and time perspectives. In this workshop, through

David Flohr David Flohr • Sunday All Day

As therapists, we’re supposed to know all about raising kids, but in today’s free-for-all, mass-culture society, we often feel as stymied by our own children as our clients feel about theirs. In this experiential workshop, you’ll have an opportunity to directly experience the Self-as-Parent: Pathways model, gain an understanding of how it works, and explore your own parenting

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