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Embracing life on the edge

By Robert Taibbi

Tell Me a Story

As Hollywood goes postmodern, has narrative become passe?

By Frank Pittman

Lived Experience in Psychotherapy

By Nancy Napier

It's Not About You

Matching your clinical style with your clients' needs

By Steven Shapiro

Crossing the great divide of otherness

By Kenneth V. Hardy

By Rich Simon

Recession: Boom or Bust for Therapists?

By Garry Cooper

Alone without Loneliness

Discovering the satisfactions of single-womanhood

By Florence Falk

It's No Accident

Applying mindfulness behind the wheel

By Richard Handler

Background Reading

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

by Bill O'Hanlon, Laurel Hulley

Nearly a decade ago, I treated a man named Abel, who was severely obsessive. He taught in a college communications program and loved words, but he'd become so obsessed with how human beings communicate that he could no longer put together words and meanings. He loved to read, but he could no longer concentrate because he obsessed about page margins and typefaces. He obsessed about art, sex, and his own writing. If one obsession went away, another took its place, from the moment he woke up till the moment ...

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