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Marsha LinehanMonday, November 7

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Marsha Linehan • No one has more thoroughly transformed the therapeutic approaches used for people with borderline personality disorder than Marsha Linehan, world-renowned as the developer of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

Scott MillerWednesday, November 16

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Scott Miller • Learn about the current research on what distinguishes “Supershrinks” from the rest of us and find out how you can increase your clinical effectiveness with Scott Miller, the founder of the International Center for Clinical Excellence.

Michael YapkoSaturday, November 5

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Michael Yapko • Explore how to help depressed clients change their thought patterns and enhance their positive self-regard without prescribing medicine with psychologist Michael Yapko, recognized for his work in clinical hypnosis, brief therapy, and the strategic treatment of depression.

Ron SiegelSoA11-snipe-talktopresenterMonday, November 14 at 1pm Eastern

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Ron Siegel & Rich Simon • Connect live with presenters as we continue the conversation started with the presentation “Has Mindfulness Been Oversold?”

Harville HendrixWednesday, November 16

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Harville Hendrix • Renowned as the developer of Imago Relationship Therapy, Harville Hendrix has shown the power of deep listening in transforming troubled relationship.

David FeinsteinWednesday, November 16

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David Feinstein • Explore the evidence supporting Energy Psychology (EP), one of psychotherapy’s most discussed—and most controversial—methods, with veteran therapist David Feinstein.

Ronald SiegelMichael YapkoSoA11-snipe-streamingSaturday, November 12

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Ronald Siegel & Michael Yapko • This lively dialogue will feature Ronald Siegel, an assistant clinical professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School, and noted clinical therapist Michael Yapko offering contrasting perspectives on the growing impact of mindfulness practices on therapy today.

Richard SchwartzThursday, November 3

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Richard Schwartz • Explore the inner world of the psyche with Richard Schwartz, whose insights, supported by brain science and human experience, have redefined and clarified the concept of the “inner self.”

Tara BrachThursday, November 10

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Tara Brach • Feel more awake and expansive as clinical psychologist and Buddhism teacher Tara Brach guides you through the three gateways of mindfulness.