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419 Reclaiming Parental Authority

Ron Taffel Ron Taffel • Saturday Morning

Warp-speed cultural and economic changes have increasingly led today’s parents to question their own authority like never before. Having rejected the top-down hierarchy and clear boundary lines that characterized earlier generations, they feel helpless to assert control, especially in an electronic age in which teen behavior isn’t easily monitored---

or even understood---by many adults. This workshop will teach you new techniques to help parents reclaim their authority. You’ll learn how to quickly identify parents’ self-sabotaging patterns, even without kids present, and use three-generational “value-grams” to discover the limits that parents can truly stand by. We’ll explore case histories to highlight the parental fears that “hold them hostage” to their kids. You’ll role-play exercises that can help parents create “I mean it” moments that disdainful kids will take seriously. You’ll come away with strategies to help parents find teens’ soft spots through “comfort time,” and that’ll help parents have conversations that can unlock empathy and cooperation.

Ron Taffel, Ph.D., is the chairman of the board of the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy in New York. He’s the author of The Second Family, a guide to raising adolescents. His latest book is Childhood Unbound: Saving Our Kids’ Best Selves.