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619 Taking the Symposium Home

Etienne Wenger Beverly Trayner

Etienne Wenger & Beverly Trayner
Sunday All Day •
As the largest and most wide-ranging “Community of Practice,” in the field of psychotherapy, the Symposium offers an intellectual synergy that can only be experienced with members of your own professional tribe. This session will help you bring the experience of

that communal learning back to your practice, whatever it happens to be. We’ll explore how to create effective communities of practice, focusing on group processes and logistics for developing discussion groups around specific interests---brain science, couples therapy, or trauma, for example---or more general themes---how to handle difficult clients or expand into different specialties. You’ll also learn about all the possibilities for reflecting on the new understandings you wish to take home and how you can use the Networker online community resources---like the Networker Excel Clubs---to be part of virtual communities of practice whatever your geographic location.

Etienne Wenger, Ph.D., a leader in communities of practice and social-learning theory, is the author or coauthor of Situated Learning, where the perspective was introduced, Cultivating Communities of Practice, and Digital Habitats, on technology for communities. To learn more, visit

Beverly Trayner, M.S., a pioneer in the use of social media for learning, is an independent learning consultant who helps organizations convene communities of practice and networks. To learn more, visit