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618 The Wisdom Journey

Rudolf Bauer Rudolph Bauer • Sunday All Day

While some seasoned therapists may experience burnout, others continue to bring creativity and joy to their clinical practice. This workshop will help you discover innovative ways to remain interested and engaged---professionally and personally---during your ongoing journey. We’ll discuss the importance of continuing to find new teachers and new types of

learning to keep all areas of your mind aware, alive, and inquisitive. We’ll focus on how practicing the sublime art of become aware of awareness can enhance your ever-limiting boundaries of experience and age. We’ll discuss the skills that arise out of being in awareness, which allows us to enter “Inside to Inside”---developing the sense of deep connection with clients that goes beyond words. You’ll learn the power of transmission that goes beyond words and letters---the nature of human awareness. You’ll leave with newfound enthusiasm, an eagerness to keep learning, and a keen anticipation of discovery, as you more clearly envision the next stages of your development as a therapist and as a person.

Rudolph Bauer, Ph.D., is director of training at the Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Center of Washington, D.C., and codirector of the Washington Center for Consciousness Studies. He’s published extensively on existential psychotherapy and studied with many Dzogchen Tibetan Buddhism and Daoist Qigong masters. To learn more, visit