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Premiere Event

Jerome KaganDan SiegelSoA11-snipe-streamingThursday, November 17

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Jerome Kagan & Daniel Siegel • Join pioneering temperament researcher Jerome Kagan and brain science expert Daniel Siegel for a discussion of the relevance of Attachment Theory to clinical practice. This conversation will continue the impromptu, in-person exchange Kagan and Siegel began at the 2010 Networker Symposium, which has sparked an important, ongoing debate within the field.

Rich SimonThursday, November 3

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Rich Simon • Hear from Networker Editor Rich Simon as he welcomes the community to the start of the Networker’s first-ever virtual festival, State of the Art 2011. During this groundbreaking event, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with the field’s most influential thinkers and practitioners,

William DohertyThursday, November 3

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William Doherty & Rich Simon • This kick-off event to State of the Art 2011 features Networker Editor Rich Simon in a one-on-one conversation with veteran psychotherapist William Doherty about how to help practitioners understand the challenges and rewards of delving deeper into the craft of therapy.

Harriet LernerFriday, November 11

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Harriet Lerner • From the time the Psychotherapy Networker was born 35 years ago (when it was called The Family Therapy Networker) to now, there have been an enormous amount of sea changes, both in the culture at large and in the psychotherapy field.