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Sensorimotor Psychotherapy: The Body Tells the Story

Pat OgdenSaturday, November 5

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Pat Ogden • Talk is no longer the only tool therapists use in the consulting room. Discover how to help clients heal by integrating the body into the therapeutic process with Pat Ogden, a recognized expert in somatic and sensorimotor approaches to trauma.

After reviewing the scientific advances being made in understanding the neurobiological aspects of trauma, you’ll learn about the somatic narrative that’s laid down during a traumatic event and how to use nonverbal methods to help clients safely work through their traumatic experiences.

Pat Ogden, Ph.D., is the founder and director of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, based in Boulder, Colorado, which specializes in training psychotherapists internationally in the treatment of trauma, developmental, and attachment issues. She’s the coauthor of the groundbreaking Trauma and the Body: A Sensorimotor Approach to Psychotherapy. Website:

Learning Objectives:

1. Define the “window of tolerance.”
2. Explain why working with the body in psychotherapy is particularly important and effective when helping traumatized clients.
3. Discuss the concept of “safe but not too safe,” in relation to integrating sensorimotor techniques when working with traumatized clients.