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2008 September/October
September/October 2008 How Evolved Are We?
The Triune Brain in the Consulting Room

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We're Not as Evolved as We Think.

By Louis Cozolino

Can the Brains of the Dead Give Hope to the Living?

By Charles Barber

Applying the Wisdom of Neuroscience in Your Practice

By Bonnie Badenoch

Finding the neural key to transformation

By Bruce Ecker

There's no shortcut to lasting change

By Carolyn Daitch

Researching for Dollars

By Garry Cooper

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Risk-averse parents do their children no favors

By Michael Ungar

The Healing Power of Play

Helping the traumatized child find safety again

By David Crenshaw

Night Visions

Dreams can free us from the constricting world of rationality

By Richard Handler

Darkness and Light

Evoking the flip sides of the Hollywood dream machine

By Frank Pittman

Going Home Again

A late-life lesson in love

By Jeanne Folks