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No Country for Old Men

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Youth

By Frank Pittman

Increasingly our screen heroes are heavily muscled, invulnerable men in tights who can stick to the sides of buildings or fly through the air without flapping their arms. Our adventure films seem more and more like computerized comic strips—movies chockful of special effects in which people are an endangered species. In fact, one wonders what's going to become of kids who grow up with computer heroes. Will they all fall in love with blow-up dolls?

Ford and Allen's age doesn't keep them from falling in love or into bed, and this doesn't scare audiences away. What Harrison Ford, with his rough, homely glamour, does is enable these massive, multigenerational audiences to accept the liberating reality that we all—whatever our age—get our thrills from the same things. One of those things is seeing Indiana Jones in love.

Frank Pittman, M.D., is a contributing editor to the Psychotherapy Networker and is in private practice in Atlanta. Contact: Letters to the Editor about this department can be e-mailed to

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