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2008 July/August
July/August 2008 Ain't Dead Yet!
Against All Odds, Community Mental
Health Fights to Hold On to its Vision

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Why would anyone choose a career in community mental health today?

By David Dan

A New Approach to Reviving Public Sector Psychotherapy

By Scott Sells with Cynthia Franklin

Confronting the raw reality of the emergency department

By Gary Weinstein

In HBO's In Treatment, Art Imitates Therapy

By Molly Layton

Michael White taught us how to retell our life stories

By Stephen Madigan

Therapy and Global Warming

By Garry Cooper

The Economics of Romance

Pre-nups and other dirty words

By Olivia Mellan

Eros and Aging

Is good enough sex right for you?

By Michael Metz and Barry McCarthy

Rethinking the Imperatives of Gender

Has society become toxic to both genders?

By Richard Handler

No Country for Old Men

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Youth

By Frank Pittman

Turning Over the Reins

A father learns when to sit silent

By Garry Cooper