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We've gathered Psychotherapy Networkers most popular articles and arranged them here by topic.

Find extensive and insightful articles on a wide range of topics by psychotherapy's leading experts including Ron Taffel, LouCozolino, Bill O’Hanlon, Mary Pipher, Frank Pittman and others.


Psychotherapy experts Ron Taffel, Margaret Wehrenberg and others discuss the many faces of anxiety, including children's fears and insomnia, and address the mindfulness, confrontation, and deep personal change necessary for healing.



From media culture and MySpace to schools, sex and self-injury, experts dicuss the most relevent and urgent issues facing our teens today. Includes submissions by Ron Taffel and David Seaburn.



These articles from the cutting-edge frontier of neuroscience explore the discoveries and implications relevent to psychotherapy, including the role of brain chemistry, emotions, and technology. Contributors include Lou Cozolino and Katy Butler.


The Business of Therapy

Lynn Grodski and Lynne Stevens are among expert contributors in this collection of articles on building and maintaining a successful  private practice. The roles of technology, entrepreneurship, fee policies and integrated care are highlighted.


Challenging Cases

From DBT and Borderline, the ethics of over-involvement, and respect for difficult clients, to domestic violence and client suicide, experts including Mary Pipher and Frank Pittman share the lessons learned from their most challenging cases.



With contributions from William Doherty and others, these articles discuss ADHD, the increased demands on today's children, inherent temperament and "normalcy," play therapy, trauma, and a new look at occupational therapy.


Discussing issues facing today's couples therapist, these articles explore the impact of children, emotional conflict, therapist neutrality and new research on the realities of love and attachment. Experts include Susan Johnson and William Doherty.


The importance of Big Moments, the art of therapeutic conversation, achieving breakthroughs, and finding focus and beauty at a client's most vulnerable moment are among topics in this collection, featuring experts like Jay Efran and Michael Ventura.


Including articles by experts Michael Yapko and Margaret Wehrenberg, this collection discusses the role of mindfulness physical health, genetics, medication and perserverence in depression treatment.


Ofer Zur and Jay Efran are among contributors to these essays, discussing the power of taboos, the implications of silence, the realities of boundary crossings and confronting avoidance when it comes to the ethics of psychotherapy.

Leaders in the Field

Michael Ventura, Mary Sykes Wylie, Rich Simon and others explore the most influencial therapists of our time. From the impact of feminism, to the secrets of super-shrink success, these articles highlight what makes a true leader in the field.


Relational mindfulness, the power of silence, confronting our worst fears and the struggle to stay in the moment are all discussed in this collection, featuring articles by Daniel Siegel, Michael Ventura and other experts.

Positive Psychology

Psychotherapy experts including Katy Butler and Mary Sykes Wylie discuss the new frontier of positive psychology, tying in the universal experiences of confidence, courage, and happiness.


Join psychotherapy writers including Katy Butler, Esther Perel and Pat Love in the exploration of sex. Topics include passionate marriage, performance enhancing drugs, cultural expectations and reconciling sexuality with domesticity.


Brain anatomy, PTSD, Iraqi war veterans and reconsidering victimhood are among topics in this collection of articles by psychotherapy experts, including Babette Rothschild and Mary Sykes Wylie.