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PNND-06A Step-by-Step Approach to Treating Depression

An Interview with Judith Beck

PNND-05Two Perspectives on How It Works

By Mary Sykes Wylie

While widely acknowledged to be the most empirically supported therapy ever invented, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is often criticized for being too rigid and mechanical. Not so, say two of its foremost practitioners.

PNND-04Depression as a Chronic Condition

By Margaret Wehrenberg

Evidence continues to accumulate that many people with depression suffer bouts of it all their lives, even after a good response to therapy. So what if we give up the idea of cure and opt for the idea of management?

PNND-03Escaping the Trance of Depression

By Bill O’Hanlon

Depressed clients repeat the same thoughts, activities, feelings, and experiences again and again, as if entranced. Good depression treatment is largely about awakening them from this bad trance.

PNND-02The Invention of a Modern Malaise

By Scott Stossel

Life today is, in many ways, easier than it used to be. Therefore, shouldn’t we be less anxious than we once were?

PNND-01Can Mood Science Save Us?

By Jonathan Rottenberg

It’s time to get beyond simplistic notions about “chemical imbalances” and finally reckon with how deeply rooted depression is in the uncertainties and false values of our 21st-century consumer culture.

Depression, the most important public health issue in the world.

Do therapists have a responsibility to educate people about society's role in generating unprecedented levels of depression?

marriage-180What Therapists Need to Know

The gap between the ideals of traditional marriage and the realities of how couples actually live their lives today has never been wider. Yet our models of couples therapy have yet to take into account the changing attitudes about intimacy, sexuality, divorce, and the very purpose of marriage. That's why we invited leading innovators to tell us what we need to know. With Esther Perel, William Doherty, Pat Love, Terry Real, Joe Kort, and Tammy Nelson.

PNSO-cover-205 There & Not There

Growing up in an age of distraction


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