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New Approaches to Rekindling the Flame

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Never Too Late: A Son Reconstructs the Story of his Mother

By Gregg Levoy

Getting Over Weight?: A Critic of our Cultural Obsession Goes Too Far

Review of Body of Truth: How Science, History, and Culture Drive Our Obsession with Weight—And What We Can Do About It

A critic of one of our central cultural obsessions goes too far.

Brave New Couples: What can science tell us about the changing face of couplehood today?

Rediscovering Happiness: The Use of Positive Childhood Triggers in Psychotherapy

Surviving Treatment Reviews: How to Speak the Language of Insurance Plans

Is Ketamine the New Antidepressant to Rave About?

PNMJ15-4Highlights From Symposium 2015

After a brutal winter that would’ve given Ernest Shackleton pause, more than 3,700 therapists welcomed the opportunity to escape cabin fever, get out of the house, and greet spring at the 38th annual Psychotherapy Networker Symposium. What follows are some of the highlights from this year’s exploration of the clinical innovations, scientific advances, and technological developments shaping the future of our field.

PNMJ15-3The Power of Focusing Partnerships

By Joan Klagsbrun and Lynn Preston

To emerge from the grip of feeling stale as a therapist and in danger of burning out, we need something to take us out of our isolation. Focusing partnerships can be a potent remedy for the circular thinking we tend to get mired in when we’re by ourselves.

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