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An adequate substitution for psychotherapy?

Our Love Affair with Psychotropics

The Freedom Ride: On the Road with a Restless Woman and Her Son

A woman in transition takes her son on an eventful road trip.

What Makes Fanatics Tick?: Exploring the Psyches of People on the Fringe

Review of The Unpersuadables: Adventures with the Enemies of Science

A new book investigates the worldview of a range of fanatics who’ve dedicated their lives to holding onto to their antiscientific and antihistorical claims.

When Talk Isn’t Enough: Easing Trauma’s Lingering Shock

Pioneering trauma expert Bessel van der Kolk shares his thoughts on the differences between public and private trauma.

Letting Go of Hate: How to help clients change unconscious responses

Many well-intentioned therapists have suggested that their clients just “let go” of hate, as if it were a heavy load that they could simply drop to the ground.

The Challenge of Becoming the Boss: How to Make a Group Practice Work

Making a group practice work means taking on the challenge of becoming a boss.

The Whole World Is Watching TED

PNJA-3bHave They Lived up to Their Promise?

John Preston

After wading through the controversies and contradictions in the research literature on SSRIs, a critic of Big Pharma explains why he thinks these drugs may have gotten a bad rap.


PNJA-3Waiting for the Next Magic Pill

By Talia Puzantian

Does our growing understanding of the brain and the prospect of further scientific discoveries mean there’s a new generation of magical pills on the horizon?

PNJA-2bThe Anatomy of a Psychiatric Consult

Steven Dubovsky

For many therapists, an air of mystery surrounds the role of psychopharmacology in mental health treatment. Here's a step-by-step tour of the complexities of the psychiatric consultation.

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