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MQ Jan/Feb 2013


Treating the Anxious Client

New Directions for Psychotherapy’s Most Common Problem

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Can Video Games Power Up Your Practice?

The Antipsychotic Epidemic

Symposium 2012

Highlight Video
with Rich Simon

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Session 6, Understanding Polyvagal Theory:
Emotion, Attachment, and Self-Regulation

with Stephen Porges, Ph.D.

With Stephen Porges you'll be able to define Polyvagal Theory and engage with clients who display challenging social cues. You'll also be able to integrate effective non-verbal behavior into your sessions with clients.

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Symposium 2012

The Road to Mastery:
Charting Your Path to Clinical Excellence

with Scott Miller, Ph.D.

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3 rotator webcasts-trauma2

No area of therapeutic practice has undergone more transformation in recent years than work with trauma survivors. This highly practical series will keep you on the cutting edge of the latest advances in brain science, attachment theory, CBT, somatic therapy, and other proven approaches for working with acute trauma, complex developmental trauma, and PTSD.

Exclusive Member Presentation
Video Webcast Series
With Bonus Materials
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Men and Intimacy: Overcoming "Commitment Phobia"
Too often traditional therapy approaches just don’t work with men. This webcast series offers practical guidance on how to more effectively engage male clients, while avoiding the common pitfalls that turn them off—like expecting men to behave like women. From some of the field’s foremost innovators you’ll learn how to best handle classic male defenses, explore covert issues of anger and shame, challenge male taboos about the expression of vulnerability, translate gender differences for couples in conflict, and encourage men to risk intimacy in relationships.

September/October 2012 The Craft of Conversation
Would You Open Up to This Therapist?

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What Causes Borderline Personality Disorder?

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