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Engaging Men in Therapy: Everything You Need to Know

Whether men in therapy are stonewalling, confused, ashamed, or depressed - traditional aproaches are not always the best way to engage. Join us to learn how to best handle classic male defenses and discover new approaches to increase your effectiveness with your male clients and couples.


With Pat Love, Terry Real, David Wexler, Esther Perel, Patrick Dougherty, Holly Sweet.

webcast-anxietyEthical Issues in Psychotherapy Today: Real World Solutions to New Dilemmas

Both the digital revolution and the seductive informality of our times have raised ethical issues they never taught us about in grad school. Here’s a webcast series that offers a roadmap through today’s increasingly ambiguous ethical territory.

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MQ Sept/Oct 2013

PNSO13Cover The Selling of Psychotherapy

What Are the Rules in Today's Market


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webcasts-couplesNew Ways To Work Effectively With Tough Couples

There are few tougher clinical challenges than confronting the entrenched hostility, dashed dreams, and raw pain of troubled couples. Here’s a thought-provoking, practical webcast series that not only explores the common difficulties of couples therapy, but also shows you how to do more effective and rewarding work with even your most clinically challenging couples.


With Ellyn Bader, Peter Pearson, Hedy Schleifer, William Doherty, Esther Perel, Jette Simon, David Schnarch.

webcasts-mentalHow Mind-Body Techniques Are Changing Talk Therapy

Exercise, nutrition, spirituality, and mind-body methods can be combined with talk therapy with surprising results. Learn how to integrate new perspectives and methods into your current clinical approach to enhance your clinical effectiveness and impact as well as your own self-care and renewal.


With Rubin Naiman, Amy Weintraub, James Gordon, Leslie Korn, Elisha Goldstein, Richard Brown & Patricia Gerbarg.

webcasts-parentsNew Family Approaches That Really Work

Never before in history have parents had to bring up kids in an environment so family unfriendly and so contrary to traditional parental authority. Learn new methods and approaches for helping parents meet the formidable challenges of raising children in today's culture.


With Dan Siegel, Ron Taffel, Martha Straus, Patricia Papernow, Stan Davis, Ben Furman.

webcasts-attachmentPutting Attachment Theory Into Practice

How can therapists apply the valuable insights Attachment Theory brings? To answer that questions, we've brought together some of the leaders in the field to demonstrate approaches that draw on the practical application of Attachment Theory and illustrate with examples from their own clinical practices.



With Diane Poole Heller, Bruce Ecker, Susan Johnson, Daniel Hughes, Maggie Phillips, David Feinstein. 

webcast-neuroscienceConcrete Strategies for Your Practice

The language of neurobiology has become part of psychotherapy’s everyday vocabulary. But most therapists still have questions about how to make clinical use of its insights. Join us to learn practical applications from the leading innovators in neuroscience.

With Rick Hanson, Dan Siegel, Louann Brizendine, Michael Gelb, Norman Doidge, Stephen Porges.

webcasts-dsmHow the New Standards Affect Your Practice

DSM-5 is the most radical revision of diagnostic standards in 20 years. Proponents claim it represents a fresh, reliable approach to diagnosis. Critics point to its weak scientific support. One thing everyone agrees on: the new DSM-5 means big changes in how therapists diagnose and how they are reimbursed.


With Allen Frances, Martha Teater, Darrel Regier, Jack Klott, Gary Greenberg, David Mays.

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