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Old Pills, New Promises for PTSD

What Causes Borderline Personality Disorder?

PNMJ13-3Learning to Manage Our Fears

By Richard Schwartz

Inevitably, given their history of trauma, many borderline clients will trigger their therapists from time to time. But forgoing the urge to blame these clients and taking responsibility for what’s happening inside you can become a turning point in therapy.

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The devastating world of war-related trauma afflicts whole populations of people. Learn practical techniques to help your clients adjust to life after war.



The Growing Debate Over the Legacy of Trauma

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The Wounds of War

Returning vets are challenging us to rethink our approaches to PTSD

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PNND13Cover Our Habits, Ourselves

Can the Circle Be Broken?


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Finding the Hero Within

Exploring the link between trauma and oppression

Kenneth Hardy believes that the experience of trauma is too often unacknowledged by therapists struggling to help troubled minority youth.

Sometime over the past two decades, society's response to survivors of sexual abuse changed from "You're deluded" to "You're damaged"...

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