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professional development

Research shows again and again that the main ingredient of effective treatment has little to do with therapeutic technique. This course delves into the traits that you need to be a better therapist right away.

PNSO13-5Salvador Minuchin on What Today's Missing Training Approaches Are Missing

By Mary Sykes Wylie and Salvador Minuchin

Trainees today are buried beneath textbooks on theory, bombarded by lectures on current research, and taught to be experts in a variety of methods. But where and when do they learn who they are and how to use their own selves in therapy?

SO2012-1Healing Clients One Brick at a Time

By William Doherty

In this era of medical necessity and evidence-based therapies, it’s easy to lose sight of a basic truth. We heal not through prescriptions and procedures, but through talking and listening.

SO2012-3Mistakes Therapists Should Avoid

By Janet Sasson Edgette

While confused and troubled adolescents need our help more than ever, the gap between our grad school training and what works in real-life practice continues to widen.

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