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University of Tennessee Knoxville 10-30


Current Issue Card JA14

ND2012-2Coaching and Our Assumptions

By Terry Real

A new breed of therapist believes that it’s disrespectful not to say to clients displaying obnoxious, selfish, or self-defeating behaviors what traditionalists might only share in a supervision group.

PNMJ11-6Symposium 2011 Charts Terra Incognita

By Mary Sykes Wylie

Emerging from their monastic little cells, 3,000 psychotherapists had a schmooze-fest celebrating the power of face-to-face connection and joined forces to envision the future.

media-onlinecourse-tn 3 CE Credits

children family

A collection of charismatic figures were able to comine their clinical skill and intellectual daring to use systems thinking for family therapy. Discover the new definition of therapist established by this group of unforgettable personalities.

media-onlinecourse-tn 3 CE Credits

children family

Following the first generation of pioneers, another group of inspired clinicians and innovators emerged to expand family therapy. Learn about the distinctive contributions these more recent figures made to the field.

media-onlinecourse-tn 3 CE Credits

professional development

We can probably all think of at least one clinical role model or leading figure in the field who shaped our vision of the kind of therapist we wanted to be when we “grew up”. Learn about the "Top Ten" therapists of the last 25 years.


Face To Face

Therapy in the Age of Screenworld

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MQ May/Jun 2011


Achieving Excellence

Do We Need A New Role Model?

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mag_quiz_nd08Now What?

Putting Therapy Skills to Work in Our Post-Election World


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The Craft of Conversation

Would you open up to this therapist?

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Narrative Therapy: The Clinical Legacy Of Michael White

media-audiocourse-tn With Stephen Madigan • 6 Sessions • 6 Optional CE Credits

Michael WhiteExplore an innovative method, pioneered by a legend in the field, that helps clients challenge oppression and abuse to reclaim their own agency and personal authority

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