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The Black Shadow

Facing the Taboo Issue of Race in the Consulting Room

Raising the issue of race in therapy can help African American clients connect their personal struggles to an enduring cultural legacy that many insist isn’t supposed to matter anymore.

SO2012-4Expanding Our Moral Imagination

By Mary Pipher

We live in a culture of denial, especially about the grim reality of climate change. Sure, we want to savor the occasional shrimp cocktail without having to brood about ruined mangroves...

MQ Jan/Feb 2011


Diets and Our Demons

Does Anything Really Work?

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MQ Jul/Aug 2010


The New Monogamy

Can We Have Our Cake and Eat it Too?

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MQ May/Jun 2008

MAG_QUIZ_MJ08The New Face of America

Psychology Takes on the Immigration Debate


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MQ May/Jun 2010


The Secret World of Men

What Therapists Need to Know

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Tribal Politics

Moral Issues are at the Heart of Elections

Social psychologist Jonathon Haidt offers a perspective on why we vote the way we do that you’re unlikely to have read about in the deluge of mainstream election-season coverage this fall.

media-onlinecourse-tn 3 CE Credits

professional development

Ongoing bitter debates about immigration reveal that, even in our “enlightened” society, ethnic and national divisions can still evoke the raw and malign power of nativism. This course will guide you through a addressing these complex problems.