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Living the Symposium Experience

Rich SimonBy Rich Simon The now 37-year-old Networker Symposium was born at a point in our field’s history when the ideal of the detached, eminently rational therapist helping emotionally overwrought clients tame their id-driven passions still held sway. Nevertheless, early on, the Symposium followed a different course, epitomized in the over-the-top song and dance opening performance that has become its signature. Although we would have been hard-pressed to explain why, early on we apparently understood that talk is not enough; it is experience that sparks change, and what better way to embrace emotion than in the company of a few thousand of your most like-minded, favorite colleagues? Read more

Rich SimonBy Rich Simon If you’re like me, polls and national surveys are one of your guilty pleasures. They’re an irresistible short-cut to figuring out the mindsets, interests, preoccupations and, often, the anxieties of larger chunks of humanity than most of us would otherwise encounter beyond the small circle of the people in our day-to-day world. Read more