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Welcome to “Is Mindfulness Enough?” This series will explore the benefits and limitations of both psychotherapy and mindfulness as well as the integration of these two wisdom traditions. In the first session Jack Kornfield will discuss the erroneous belief that prayer and meditation is all that’s needed for personal transformation, talk about how to combine meditation with our daily activities, and describe how to bring the sacred into the practice of therapy.

Learn with Ron Siegel how Eastern mindfulness practices are affecting Western psychotherapy and why this union is clinically significant. Discover how the amalgamation of mindfulness and psychotherapy in America first began, the present state of the movement, and what the future of this integration may be.

Explore RAIN, a simple but powerful technique for directing attention to one’s inner world, with Tara Brach, a leading Western teacher of Buddhism, known for her ability to integrate psychotherapy with meditative and mindfulness practices. Understanding and learning how to implement RAIN into your clinical practice will allow you to help clients discover the thoughts, emotions, and feelings that make up their true inner experiences, and will open the door for deconditioning unconscious patterns.

What do mindfulness practices and clinical hypnosis have in common? Michael Yapko, a clinical psychologist internationally recognized for his work in clinical hypnosis, will expound upon the practical lessons hypnosis may have to teach therapists about the vital role of suggestion in the change process. Explore the similarities between mindfulness and clinical hypnosis, and decide for yourself whether there are clinically significant connections between mindfulness and hypnosis techniques.

During meditation practices, we learn how to observe and calm our disturbing thoughts and feelings. Discover with Richard Schwartz, the founder of the Internal Family Systems model, how to take the next step from paying attention to these distressed parts to healing them.

Explore the inherent joyfulness that becomes available through Buddhism’s rejection of our focus on maximizing pleasure with Mark Epstein, a psychiatrist who integrates Buddhist psychology into his work. Epstein will discuss the joyful and loving energy that Buddhist psychology can bring to the Western therapeutic relationship, as well as the pitfalls of Buddhism in the consulting room. You’ll learn what it means to have Buddhism as a therapeutic attitude.

Sharon Salzberg, a leading spiritual teacher, who’s a pioneer in bringing Eastern meditation practices to the West, will differentiate between kindness as “sweetness” and how it can be used as a spiritual force in daily life and in our practices—especially with those who have hurt us.

A dialogue between Ron Siegel and noted hypotherapist Michael Yapko, will offer contrasting perspectives on the impact of mindfulness practices on therapy today. Siegel will explore the ways in which Eastern mindfulness practices are being integrated into Western psychotherapy, and how this union is affecting both. Yapko will discuss how understanding the role of suggestion can enhance mindfulness as a clinical tool.

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