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Understanding the Significance to Male Clients

David Wexler discusses how the experience and perception of shame affects male clients.

This clip is a quick look at how to develop an inviting therapeutic relationship with male clients based on straightforward guidance. Read more

How Brain Science Illuminates Gender Differences

Pat Love is the lead-off presenter in our upcoming streaming-video webcast series bringing together leading innovators who’ve developed practical approaches that integrate the latest research on gender differences with our evolving clinical wisdom. Read more

A Relational Approach to Helping Male Clients

According to Patrick Dougherty, the biggest problem men have in psychotherapy isn’t that intimacy and the language of emotion is such foreign territory, but that therapists expect so little of them. In this clip from our Webcast series, A New Blueprint for Engaging Men in Therapy: Six Key Skills You Need to Master Now, Patrick explains what he means and demonstrates how raising the bar for male clients expands their capacity for relationship and intimacy. Read more

Esther Perel on using language that reflects sexuality as an integrated part of life

A man’s sexuality informs everything he does—how he approaches his work and recreation, meets or avoids challenges, relates to others, and how he feels about himself. Read more

Janina Fisher on how and when to speak to a client’s “child part” in the consulting room

When an adult is in your consulting room, it’s understandable if you use adult language and logic. But at certain points in the healing process, you may need to communicate with someone else—the client’s child part. Read more

Joan Klagsbrun on 3 simple Focusing techniques that really work

Intense emotion in the consulting room can leave some clients overwhelmed; others shut down. Either response can derail your session. Now here’s some help for getting therapy back on track and moving forward in real time.
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How to create a brain-change plan with your angry clients

Is it possible to overcome the typical oppositional response of a client with anger issues?

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Bill Doherty on how to handle the issue of progress before it becomes a therapy crisis

Don’t wait till you get bored. Don’t wait till drastic action is the only option.
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Mary Pipher Shares How To Make Meaningful Change Possible.

In a conversation from our Wisdom series, Mary Pipher talks about the flood of news and information we get about the state of the world: Vivid documentaries about dying coral reefs and polar bears stranded on ice floes, scientific proof of the daily extinction of whole species, and the cascading apocalyptic effects of global warming.
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When Simple Words Lead to Transformation

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