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David Burns on the Paradox of Resistance

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Creating A Safe, Therapeutic Space

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What Should You Do When Partners Have Contradictory Goals

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Kids These Days

By Rich Simon Back in the Paleolithic era, when I was a kid, parents more or less knew what they were supposed to do. They were to feed, clothe, nurture, discipline, and teach children civilized values, so that they’d grow up to be pretty much like the parents themselves, only, hopefully, a little better off economically. Read more

How to Create a Brain-Change Plan with Angry Clients

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A Fred Astaire of Conversation

by Rich Simon I grew up in the Bronx in the 1950s, a now-ancient era, when extended families spent hours visiting each other every weekend. Most of this time was filled with the low-key drone of tales about who was getting married, who was having a baby, who was scheduled for or recovering from surgery, how work was going at the Read more

Rick Hanson’s Simple Approach for Taking in the Good

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Diana Fosha On Bring Out Clients’ Dormant Resilience

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If we revisit our earliest memories, it’s there: maybe a vague agitation in the absence of any immediate awareness of what the big deal was or perhaps a mysteriously heart-thumping reaction to some scary fantasy unanchored in everyday reality. While fear is our hair trigger response to the threats right in front of our nose, anxiety is our early-warning Read more

Understanding Our Nervous Systems Helps

Why do we cry? And what’s the basic definition of emotion, anyway?
Learn from professor of psychology Jay Efran about his two-stage theory on why we cry and how to more effectively handle those situations in which our clients burst into tears in session. Based on his article in the May/June Read more