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Men in Therapy

By Rich Simon Not long ago, my wife, Jette (who just happens to be the world’s best couples’ therapist), and I were about to begin one of the several couples weekend workshops we hold every year. One of the men in the group approached Jette during an early break, obviously in real distress. “You must change the sign downstairs in the lobby,” he hissed in her ear. Read more

Rich Simon

By Rich Simon When I mentioned Today’s Wisdom, our upcoming webcast series to various colleagues, they all seemed intrigued by the star-power of the participants—Irv Yalom, Mary Pipher, Eugene Gendlin, Tara Brach, Ron Siegel and Daniel Kahneman–but by the subject of therapy and wisdom?  Not so much.

So why are we doing a series on wisdom? Because Wisdom offers us the very thing that is too often lacking in a culture Read more

Ron Siegel on What Studying Wisdom Can Teach Us

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David Feinstein On Using Emotional Freedom Techniques in Practice

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Irv Yalom’s Writer’s Trick for Therapists Read more

When Simple Words Lead to Transformation

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Mary Pipher on the Alchemy of Healing.

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Maggie Phillips talks about discovering the source of physical suffering

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Bruce Ecker on finding the underlying reasons for detrimental behaviors

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Wisdom in the Consulting Room

By Rich Simon If you try to get to the irreducible core of why many of us entered this field, it has to do with our endless fascination with that mysterious, indefinable, but utterly indispensable quality of any good therapist: Wisdom.

Yes, wisdom—whatever that is. We have trouble really defining it precisely, but we know it when we feel and hear it. Read more