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Diana FoshaChris GermerState of the Art 2013 is coming to a close, and while we love the feel of freshness, community, and discovery that comes with the virtual conference experience, we know that many of you will be experiencing and enjoying sessions on demand long after the “event” has ended.

Either way, we hope you get a chance to watch Diana Fosha and Chris Germer’s session on “The Now Moment” in psychotherapy, which aired yesterday. Drawing on mindfulness but applicable to all therapists, Diana and Chris’s session talked about how the increasing focus on a sense of immediate presence, vulnerability, and adaptability are changing the practice of psychotherapy.

On that note, the conference isn’t quite over yet. We’re still looking forward to next week’s follow up sessions based on your questions to:

  • Dan Siegel and Rick Hanson on “Does Neuroscience Really Matter?”
  • Esther Perel and William Doherty on “Commitment and Its Challenges in 21st Century Couples”
  • Mary Jo Barrett and Dick Schwartz on “Treating Trauma: A 30 Year Perspective”
  • Chris Germer and Diana Fosha on “The Now Moment”

We want to address as many of your questions as possible, so please get them in before the end of this week! If you haven’t had a chance to leave your questions yet, it isn’t too late to post them in the forums.

We also hope you’ll have a chance to do these things before the live event comes to an end:

Of course, you’ll still be able to access everything—the sessions, the community features, and the bonus materials—on demand for the next five months at your convenience.

Thank you for being a part of State of the Art 2013. We’ve enjoyed watching the unique flavor of this event unfold as a result of your conversations, questions, and feedback. We hope you’ll join us for our Q&A follow up sessions and the next annual State of the Art!

Anything stand out during the conference? Comment below letting us know what the highlights were for you.

Mary Jo BarrettDick SchwartzYesterday’s dialogue between Mary Jo Barrett and Dick Schwartz covered a lot of ground. If you specialize in trauma treatment and haven’t already seen this session, we highly recommend it! Mary Jo and Dick cover not only the trajectory of the trauma specialty since it emerged in the 80s, they also highlight what the future will and should hold for trauma focused therapy.

We’re still looking forward to hearing answers to audience questions from Dan Siegel, Rick Hanson, Esther Perel, Bill Doherty, Mary Jo Barrett, and Dick Schwartz in next week’s follow up sessions! Here are just a few of the compelling questions we’ve received so far for Esther and Bill’s session:

  • In the specific discussion that arose in regards to polygamous and polyamorous marriages, do the moral standards of therapists ever conflict in trying to help the client? 
  • Therapists also have their own individual backgrounds that influenced who they are now; has there ever been a time that as couple therapists, your cultural influence has interfered with your session?
  • Where do you draw the line between family as an important responsibility to take into consideration, and solely making decisions out of a sense of obligation to that person/people?

It’s not too late to get your questions in—just ask in the forums! You’ll also have the opportunity to pose questions to Chris Germer and Diana Fosha, whose brand new dialogue on mindfulness called “The Now Moment” airs today at 1 pm Eastern. For today’s keynote session, we have K. Anders Ercisson’s Symposium 2013 presentation, “The Science of Human Excellence.” You can view the rest of today’s agenda here.

Have any thoughts about your conference experience so far? Leave them in the comments below or join in the latest forum discussions!

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Bill DohertyEsther PerelWe’re halfway through State of the Art 2013! How’s your conference experience going so far? Have you had a chance to fill out your community profile, connect with other attendees, or ask questions to our presenters? If not, we hope you’re enjoying the sessions or looking forward to watching them on demand over the next five months!

Yesterday, you had the opportunity to watch the premiere event “Commitment and its Challenges in 21st Century Couples” and pose questions to the presenters. Though Esther Perel and Bill Doherty seem like very different couples therapists at first blush, they found a lot of common ground when addressing the present day tensions couples face between adventure and stability, fidelity and eroticism, and individual fulfillment and responsibility. We can’t wait to see how Esther and Bill respond to your questions!

You can tune in today for another brand new session with Mary Jo Barrett and Dick Schwartz on “Treating Trauma: A 30 Year Perspective.” They’ll be delving into the latest advances in trauma treatment and what the future holds for trauma specialists. They’ll also be taking questions for their follow up session next week!

Today’s agenda also includes some Symposium classics: “Coming to Our Senses” with mindfulness-based stress reduction developer Jon Kabat-Zinn, and “Cyber Intimacy and Cyber Solitude” with MIT psychologist Sherry Turkle. All sessions are available at 1 pm Eastern!

Also, take a look at the latest conversations in the community forums if you have a chance.

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Dan GolemanRick HansonDan SiegelState of the Art is already off to a great start! We began with a new interview featuring Dan Goleman, who zeroed in on focus as a key element of success and emotional regulation for therapists and their clients. Then we had the first ever State of the Art 2013 dialogue featuring Rick Hanson and Dan Siegel. As experts on the subject, Dan and Rick highlighted the practical value of neuroscience for therapists without overselling it or engaging in the backlash against its rising popularity.

The questions for presenters Dan and Rick are already rolling in! Have questions for Dan and Rick? It’s not too late to post them in the forums!

You’ll also be able to pose questions to Esther Perel and William Doherty, whose brand new dialogue “Commitment and Its Challenges in 21st Century Couples” airs today! Other highlights for today include Tara Brach’s inspiring symposium keynote, “Deliberate Practice and Inner Transformation” and sessions featuring Susan Johnson, Kathryn Rheem, Michael Yapko, Diane Poole Heller, Stephen Porges, David Schnarch, David Burns, and Ken Hardy. Here’s today’s full schedule for more information.

Also, take a look at the discussions your colleagues have sparked in the forums. We’d love your thoughts on what you’ve seen so far!

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State of the Art 2013Welcome to this year’s State of the Art virtual conference! For the next five days, we hope you’ll take advantage of State of the Art’s many opportunities to explore the latest insights and innovations from leaders in the field and the community of fellow attendees from all over the globe who’ll be sharing in the experience with you, as well as practical tools and guidance that can elevate your practice. To begin getting connected to other participants, you can search the community directory, create a profile, or start discussions in the event forums.

To get a better feel for what you can expect over the next five days of State of the Art, take a look at the conference schedule at a glance and a welcome video from Networker editor Rich Simon.

Scheduled events go live at 1 pm Eastern each day and will be available on demand for the next 5 months.

Today’s presentations include “The Power of Attention” with Emotional Intelligence author Dan Goleman and a dialogue between Dan Siegel and Rick Hanson called “Does Neuroscience Really Matter?” Recorded especially for State of the Art 2013, these presentations explore some of the key cutting edge issues shaping the world of contemporary psychotherapy.

To enhance the quality of the dialogue at State of the Art, Dan Siegel and Rick Hanson have both agreed to follow up on today’s session based on your questions! They’ll be answering them in a video Q&A session next week, so be sure to leave your questions as soon as possible either during their presentation or in the forums.

We’ve also confirmed that Esther Perel, William Doherty, Mary Jo Barrett, Dick Schwartz, Chris Germer, and Diana Fosha will be following up on audience questions next week, so watch out for the presentations and get your questions in! We’ll keep you updated on additional Q&A sessions as we confirm them with presenters.

We look forward to engaging with you during this week of inspiration, guidance, and discovery!

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