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Ethics in an Age of Informality: Protecting Yourself When Boundaries Blur

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Did one or more presenters really move you? Do you have questions about content? How will what you learned change the way you practice? How will you stay within the ethical straight-and-narrow in a world where personal and social boundaries have become so blurry? Ask your colleagues about their experiences.

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3 Responses to Ethics in an Age of Informality: Protecting Yourself When Boundaries Blur

  1. says:

    I liked the 3 phrases never to say with a client: “Let’s have sex.” “Just this once.” “Nobody will know.”

    It’s refreshing to think in terms of maximizing our positive ethics as opposed to just behaving in a way to avoid a lawsuit.

    Re the last question that was posed by Mitch Handelsman, I personally think I would go to a friend before calling an attorney.

  2. says:

    I found it interesting that I am not the only one who takes notes during sessions. Some of my clients also take notes, but I am going to consider encouraging clients to take notes, too. Thanks for that idea.

    I appreciate the emphasis on self-care in order to be an ethically attuned therapist.

  3. Ann Palik says:

    Thank you for a very helpful discussion. I appreciated that we primarily provide psychotherapy; we are not our clients’ advocates, attorneys, etc. We are not supposed to provide our clients with $175K, just with psychotherapy.

    Re: Dr. Handelsman’s last question, I think I’d call a friend, too, before calling an attorney. I guess that’s a separation in my acculturation……

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