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New Ways To Kindle Clients’ Curiosity And Motivation For Change

Courtney Armstrong on Using Humor, Playfulness and Innovation to Increase Connection.

Have you ever felt professionally stumped by a client’s resistance or by issues that you’ve never encountered before? And have you wondered where to go for ideas about next steps?

Tap into your own creativity, recommends Courtney Armstrong L.P.C. who trains mental health professionals in creative techniques.  She says that drawing on your own reserves of humor, playfulness, and spontaneity will show you alternative ways to connect—ways that speak the client’s language and get them curious and un-stuck.

In this video clip from a Bonus Session for our Webcast series Moment by Moment in the Consulting Room,—Courtney shows us how this works with an example from her own clinical work.

This clip is part of a 3 Webcast Bonus for our Moment by Moment in the Consulting Room Webcast series designed to help you learn and refine new skills—skills that the Master Therapists we’ve been watching as part of this series have integrated fully into their craft.

Sign up now for our Masters Webcast series and get all 9 Webcasts—6 sessions with Masters Erving Polster, Peggy Papp, Richard Schwartz, Steve Andreas, and Jeffrey Zeig plus 3 Webcast Bonuses with Stephen Gilligan, Courtney Armstrong, and Ann Randolph.  It’s a combination that will both inspire and set you take you to your next level of mastery.

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