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Welcome to State of the Art!

State of the Art 2013Welcome to this year’s State of the Art virtual conference! For the next five days, we hope you’ll take advantage of State of the Art’s many opportunities to explore the latest insights and innovations from leaders in the field and the community of fellow attendees from all over the globe who’ll be sharing in the experience with you, as well as practical tools and guidance that can elevate your practice. To begin getting connected to other participants, you can search the community directory, create a profile, or start discussions in the event forums.

To get a better feel for what you can expect over the next five days of State of the Art, take a look at the conference schedule at a glance and a welcome video from Networker editor Rich Simon.

Scheduled events go live at 1 pm Eastern each day and will be available on demand for the next 5 months.

Today’s presentations include “The Power of Attention” with Emotional Intelligence author Dan Goleman and a dialogue between Dan Siegel and Rick Hanson called “Does Neuroscience Really Matter?” Recorded especially for State of the Art 2013, these presentations explore some of the key cutting edge issues shaping the world of contemporary psychotherapy.

To enhance the quality of the dialogue at State of the Art, Dan Siegel and Rick Hanson have both agreed to follow up on today’s session based on your questions! They’ll be answering them in a video Q&A session next week, so be sure to leave your questions as soon as possible either during their presentation or in the forums.

We’ve also confirmed that Esther Perel, William Doherty, Mary Jo Barrett, Dick Schwartz, Chris Germer, and Diana Fosha will be following up on audience questions next week, so watch out for the presentations and get your questions in! We’ll keep you updated on additional Q&A sessions as we confirm them with presenters.

We look forward to engaging with you during this week of inspiration, guidance, and discovery!

Need help during the conference? Be sure to check out our virtual conference FAQ, review the step-by-step PDF guides below, or contact for technical assistance.

PDF Would You Like to Update Your Profile?

PDF Would You Like to Add or Update Your Profile Picture?

PDF Would You Like to Connect With Other SoA13 Participants? (Searching Community Directory)

PDF Would You Like to Participate in the SoA13 Forums?

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