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Lighting the Spark in Teen Clients

Ron Taffel on Creating Conditions for Co ...

A New Way to Engage Teen Clients

Dan Siegel on the Power of the Teenage B ...

Defusing Male Shame

Understanding the Significance to Male C ...


  • Liz Ann Clemens on Defusing Male Shame On my trip home none of the elders never uttered words of shame but merely watched me stoically. And, when ...
  • Daryl Clemens on Defusing Male Shame While I generally agree with the proposition that shame is detrimental in the consulting room, I have always been impressed ...
  • Suzanne M on Defusing Male Shame I am curious.Is you client from Mexico,of Mexican decent, US born or has he immigrated legally/illegally? Is "Mexican" how your ...
  • Kristina Cizmar, The Shame Lady on Defusing Male Shame The problem is that defining shame as some version of "I am bad" fits right in with the globalized ...
  • Daniel Even on Defusing Male Shame Shame is a human emotion. As such, in my opinion, it is neither "healthy" or "unhealthy". We all experience it ...

State of the Art Day 4

Mary Jo BarrettDick SchwartzYesterday’s dialogue between Mary Jo Barrett and Dick Schwartz covered a lot of ground. If you specialize in trauma treatment and haven’t already seen this session, we highly recommend it! Mary Jo and Dick cover not only the trajectory of the trauma specialty since it emerged in the 80s, they also highlight what the future will and should hold for trauma focused therapy.

We’re still looking forward to hearing answers to audience questions from Dan Siegel, Rick Hanson, Esther Perel, Bill Doherty, Mary Jo Barrett, and Dick Schwartz in next week’s follow up sessions! Here are just a few of the compelling questions we’ve received so far for Esther and Bill’s session:

  • In the specific discussion that arose in regards to polygamous and polyamorous marriages, do the moral standards of therapists ever conflict in trying to help the client? 
  • Therapists also have their own individual backgrounds that influenced who they are now; has there ever been a time that as couple therapists, your cultural influence has interfered with your session?
  • Where do you draw the line between family as an important responsibility to take into consideration, and solely making decisions out of a sense of obligation to that person/people?

It’s not too late to get your questions in—just ask in the forums! You’ll also have the opportunity to pose questions to Chris Germer and Diana Fosha, whose brand new dialogue on mindfulness called “The Now Moment” airs today at 1 pm Eastern. For today’s keynote session, we have K. Anders Ercisson’s Symposium 2013 presentation, “The Science of Human Excellence.” You can view the rest of today’s agenda here.

Have any thoughts about your conference experience so far? Leave them in the comments below or join in the latest forum discussions!

Need help during the conference? Be sure to check out our virtual conference FAQ and contact for technical assistance.

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