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State of the Art Day 2

Dan GolemanRick HansonDan SiegelState of the Art is already off to a great start! We began with a new interview featuring Dan Goleman, who zeroed in on focus as a key element of success and emotional regulation for therapists and their clients. Then we had the first ever State of the Art 2013 dialogue featuring Rick Hanson and Dan Siegel. As experts on the subject, Dan and Rick highlighted the practical value of neuroscience for therapists without overselling it or engaging in the backlash against its rising popularity.

The questions for presenters Dan and Rick are already rolling in! Have questions for Dan and Rick? It’s not too late to post them in the forums!

You’ll also be able to pose questions to Esther Perel and William Doherty, whose brand new dialogue “Commitment and Its Challenges in 21st Century Couples” airs today! Other highlights for today include Tara Brach’s inspiring symposium keynote, “Deliberate Practice and Inner Transformation” and sessions featuring Susan Johnson, Kathryn Rheem, Michael Yapko, Diane Poole Heller, Stephen Porges, David Schnarch, David Burns, and Ken Hardy. Here’s today’s full schedule for more information.

Also, take a look at the discussions your colleagues have sparked in the forums. We’d love your thoughts on what you’ve seen so far!

Need help during the conference? Be sure to check out our virtual conference FAQ and contact for technical assistance.

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