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Brain Integration as the Key to Mental Health

Dan Siegel Defines the Attributes of a H ...

Our Bottom Line Responsibility as Therapists

Rick Hanson on Working with the Brain fo ...

Helping Kids Find the Answers Inside

Charlotte Reznick on tapping into Imagin ...


  • kateposey on Brain Science I'm glad Siegel points out the mind brain duality, but his definition of mind (regulation of information and energy flow)is ...
  • lynnlampert on NP0047: Revitalize Your Practice Joe mentioned the importance of title tag but never defined what it was. Can we get more info on this. Lynn
  • katharyn on NP0047: Revitalize Your Practice I am so glad I decided to opt for this series. I was reticent as it seems "everyone" has ...
  • Lisa_703 on Emotion Thank you for putting together this panel, Rich. Very valuable. One critique that may improve on these interviews ...
  • kmartin89 on Tough Customers Loved Mitchell piece on resistance. Some great tools for my tool box; I loved the part about getting out of ...

SOA13 207 with David Schnarch

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How will what you heard today change the way you practice? Is there a particular technique you plan to try? Do you have specific questions for the presenter? Join the conversation!

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One Response to SOA13 207 with David Schnarch

  1. lizcolten says:

    Helpul presentation. I am currently working with a young couple who are “best friends.” However she has an aversion to him sexually. He is very attracted to her but has little sexual experience and feels insecure. This is a huge turnoff for her and she wishes he could be more aggressive and “manly.” Her history before him, as an only child, was overly protected so she rebelled and was a bit promiscuous in high school while sent to a youth group that promoted celibacy and “saving oneself for marriage.” Fascinating couple and, incidentally, they are both in 12-step recovery: she for alcoholism and he for pornography (only sites with women posing….no couples). I would be so grateful for some ideas in regards to him being able to challenge her on why she “wants” to hurt him. She has had one cheating incident where she was with a man who has a bad boy reputation and disrespectful to women.

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