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Bringing The Mental Health Benefits Of Yoga To Your Clinical Practice

Amy Weintraub Demonstrates How Easily It’s Done.

Depression, anxiety, and other stress-related disorders may be the most common mental health issues in the country, but the energizing news is how powerful mind-body techniques can be in their long-term resolution.

As part of our new webcast series on how to combine these mind-body techniques with talk therapy, I had a conversation with Amy Weintraub—recognized leader in the field of yoga and mental health. In this quick video demonstration, Amy shows how a simple yoga breathing technique can help anxious, revved-up clients move quickly into a regulated state more conducive to therapy.

It’s a 3-minute mini-tutorial on how yoga breathing calms the stress response system and a great demonstration of how easy it is to integrate a beneficial mind-body approach into your existing practice.

Just click on the frame below to watch.

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Integrative Mental Health
How Mind-Body Techniques Are Changing Talk Therapy
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Amy joins Rubin Naiman, James Gordon, Leslie Korn, Elisha Goldstein, Richard Brown, and Patricia Gerbarg for this all-new webcast series. They’ll help you understand and integrate proven, powerful mind-body tools and methods into your current clinical approach. You’ll learn how incorporating the mind-body connection into your work can provide more rapid results, as well as deepen and enrich the quality of the healing experiences you offer clients.

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7 Responses to Bringing The Mental Health Benefits Of Yoga To Your Clinical Practice

  1. maryccollins says:

    No clip!! And last week’s didn’t work either! All the previous ones were great.

  2. Eman says:

    There is no clip

  3. Jilda Green says:

    No clip!

  4. I have no clip as well! Can you re-send this?

  5. Kay says:

    This looks really helpful! I’m disappointed you changed the policy on free registration though… :(

  6. Really wanted to see it, but there’s no frame to watch!

  7. Lynn says:

    I second the above clips not working

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