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Video Therapy: On The Cusp Of Phenomenal Growth

DeeAnna Nagel On Avoiding Video Therapy’s Clinical Challenges

Now that research has affirmed the effectiveness of individual video therapy and insurance companies and employee assistance programs are including and covering it in their plans, individual video therapy is on the cusp of a big growth curve.

In her conversation with me—part of our practice-building web series—DeeAnna mapped out exactly what therapists can do to make the most of this opportunity. She also explained how to avoid the ethical pitfalls, technical gaffs, and common clinical mistakes of online therapy.

In this quick video clip, DeeAnna zeroes in on the single biggest clinical challenge of video therapy—disinhibition—and she tells you what you can do to minimize its effects right from the start. Just click on the video frame below to watch.

DeeAnna joins Joe Bavonese, Lynn Grodzki, Casey Truffo, Nick Cummings, and Jeff Auerbach to help you master and make the most of the mental health marketplace’s new realities in our all new webcast series airing right now:

Expand Your Practice:
New Opportunities in Today’s Mental Health Marketplace.

Get all the details right now.

Join My Conversation With DeeAnna Nagel, Next Tuesday, July 9th At 1pm.
You’ll learn the differences among email, chat, audio, video, and virtual reality as platforms for the therapeutic encounter and explore the ethical, legal, technical, and clinical issues related to video and online therapy. You’ll get DeeAnna’s practical step-by-step guidance about how to successfully add online services to your practice offerings. Click here to sign up now.

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5 Responses to Video Therapy: On The Cusp Of Phenomenal Growth

  1. Sharon Fisher says:

    After recently attending a conference on ethics, the biggest problem I see up front with on line therapy is that you can be sued for providing therapy to a client who resides in a state where you do not hold a license.

  2. Patricia Toth says:

    How much if I only want one, DeeAnna Nagel’s for instance?

    • Psychotherapy Networker says:

      Unfortunately, our webcast sessions are not available for individual purchase; you would need to purchase the full series.

  3. Kathleen Haley says:

    I am looking for the citations for research on video counseling. Can you provide? It says “research has affirmed” but no citations. Thank you
    Kathleen Haley

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