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  • kateposey on Brain Science I'm glad Siegel points out the mind brain duality, but his definition of mind (regulation of information and energy flow)is ...
  • lynnlampert on NP0047: Revitalize Your Practice Joe mentioned the importance of title tag but never defined what it was. Can we get more info on this. Lynn
  • katharyn on NP0047: Revitalize Your Practice I am so glad I decided to opt for this series. I was reticent as it seems "everyone" has ...
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How Concrete Communication With Clients Strengthens Your Practice

Lynn Grodzki On Helping Clients See Their Forward Movement

Do your clients know what happens in any given session?

According to Lynn Grodzki, many of our clients think that nothing much happens in most sessions. And in a world increasingly filled with quick, concrete solutions, clients’ doubts can be the undoing of their commitment to therapy.

In this quick clip—part of our the all-new webcast series on practice-building strategies that work—Lynn points out two often overlooked opportunities for benefits and progress tangible for our clients. Better yet, she shares a ready-made question you can use at the end of your next session.

Just click on the frame below to see and hear Lynn.

Lynn Grodzki, L.C.S.W., M.C.C.—psychotherapist and master certified coach—is the author of many books, including Crisis-Proof Your Practice: How to Survive and Thrive in an Uncertain Economy. In this all-new webcast series, Lynn joins Joe Bavonese, Casey Truffo, Nicholas Cummings, Jeff Auerbach, and DeeAnna Nagel to help you master and make the most of the new realities of the mental health marketplace.

Join My Conversation With Lynn Grodzki Tomorrow At 1PM
As We Kick Off Our All-New Webcast Series.
Expand Your Practice:
New Opportunities in Today’s Mental Health Marketplace.

Click here for details

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2 Responses to How Concrete Communication With Clients Strengthens Your Practice

  1. SarahS311 says:

    I log in and it tells me I am at a private part of the sight and I must log out. This is EXTREMELY frustrating. I have been around and around and logged in three or four times and I cannot get to my webinar.

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